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Why a Safari in Tanzania is Perfect for Solo Travellers

If you have been picturing yourself in the Serengeti, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, you don’t need to wait for anyone to go with you. You can go on your own! Tanzania is a beautiful and safe destination with stunning natural beauty and exciting safari adventures around every corner. Moreover, the East African destination offers awe-inspiring safari experiences to solo travellers. With its beautiful national parks, nature-filled craters, picturesque islands, volcanoes and mountains, Tanzania is surely a suitable escape for solo adventurers. It’s easy to move between the national parks, and explore the amazing places further off the beaten track.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why a safari in Tanzania is perfect for solo travellers. Hopefully, they will inspire you to give this wonderful country a visit.

1. See the wild

Delve into the abundant nature of Tanzania! The country is home to several national parks with abundant wildlife, immense landscapes, picturesque lakes and lush rainforests. The Serengeti is one of the world’s best wildlife parks renowned for the wildebeests migration. Safari excursions to some of Tanzania’s most famous national park are a popular activity for a solo traveller. You can also go on a 5-day hiking trip to the ‘Roof of Africa’. After your safari adventure, you can visit the Zanzibar beaches for a relaxing vacation.

A chance at a colourful and vibrant feel

Something vivid will influence you to grin whenever you look at the emerald green scenes, the splendidly painted wall paintings covering retail facades and workmanship exhibitions. Tanzania is a land loaded with shocking symbolism, and you’ll stroll around wishing you had photographic focal points for eyes.

3. Tanzania is about family and community

Group, family and confidence are at the core of Tanzanian culture. As a solo traveller, you can volunteer to help individuals there. You’ll love the liberal and neighbourly atmosphere around you as they welcome you with huge open arms. It is impossible to ever feel alone as there is such a big volunteer community in Moshi and everyone looks out for one another. You’ll meet so many travellers (of all ages) who are travelling solo across East Africa.

4. Tanzania is like music to the ears

Tanzania gloats a rich melodic scene that has a wide range of outside impacts. You can’t resist the urge to bop along to the musical beats. As a solo traveller, perhaps you’ll understand why the Tanzanians love to move and nobody can move their hips as much as they do.

5. Fine Dining and Active Social life

Head to a lodge like Oliver’s Camp in Tanzania! The long dining table at Oliver’s Camp means solo travellers don’t have to dine alone. There is an abundance of bars and restaurants to pick from, so you’re never short of places to hang out with fellow volunteers. From Moshi, enter into other places that will give you a taste of the “real” Tanzania. Fill your weekends with overnight stays with tribal villages, coffee tours, or day trips to Lake Chala, the Hot Springs or the nearby waterfalls. There’s so much to see and do, it’s impossible to get bored!

6. Easy Communication and Interaction

When travelling to a country alone, it is imperative you are able to communicate with the native people. Tanzania is the perfect place to travel if you only speak the English language. If you are in a situation where you no longer feel comfortable travelling on your own, find yourself a travelling companion or simply make a new friend. There are also a number of hostels you can stay at for a ladies-friendly environment.

7. Easy Navigation within the country

If you are travelling solo to Tanzania for the first time, it is probably a good idea to hire a pick-up service that will pick you up when you arrive. If the driver or taxi is late for any reason, remember not to panic. Find other tourists to stick by to or staff members who can assist you in reaching your destination.

8. Home Away From Home

Tanzania is home away from home and can be one of the most rewarding countries to visit as a solo backpacker. Brimming with vibrant landscapes, diverse cultures and welcoming communities, this wildly contrasting country will get under your skin.

9. Safe to Visit

Tanzania is a fairly unproblematic country to visit as a solo backpacker. With a little common sense, a receptive outlook and some forward-thinking, your solo trip to Tanzania can be a flawlessly charming and safe experience.

10. Explore at Your Pace

You get a chance to set your own pace when you travel solo with a guide. You will spend six to eight hours a day alone with your guide as a solo traveller, it’s best to find a guide who keeps you engaged and excited.

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