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Terms and Conditions  


(WEF 1st June 2023) 


The liability of the Company in respect of the carriage of passengers is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Warsaw Convention as applied in Tanzania and by the complete Terms and Conditions listed on the website‚

The conditions of carriage relating to the limits of liability of the carrier for death or personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage are subject to the provisions of Montreal Conventions 1999 and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Carriage by Air Regulations 2008‚

The Company undertakes to use its best efforts to carry passengers and baggage within the times indicated on our timetable and e-tickets.

The Company is not responsible for any direct or consequential costs resulting from any delays to its services. Connecting passengers must make sure that their layover to the next flight is a minimum 4Hrs or more.

The Company reserves the right to change the aircraft type and split the passengers‚ if necessary‚ within a group depending on the unforeseen operational challenges.



  1. All Passengers MUST check in Online Prior to arrival at the check-in counter and retain their boarding passes on their electronic devices. Online Check-in Opens 24Hrs Prior to  Scheduled Departure Time. Baggage Drop closes 1Hr before Scheduled Departure time.
  2. All passengers must retain and be able to show their boarding passes on their electronic  devices at the time of boarding with their Picture ID (passport‚ driving license‚ or National  ID)


  1. The check-in counter opens 2Hrs prior to the Scheduled departure time for baggage drop only. 
  2. Serengeti and all unmanned airstrips are opened 60 minutes prior to departure time.  
  3. All Destinations (Airports and Unmanned Airstrips) check-in counter closes 40 minutes prior to the scheduled take-off time.  
  4. Passenger(s) are required to present their passport or picture ID during check-in 
  5. A passenger is considered a NO SHOW after the check-in counter is closed. The ticket is non-refundable and void. 

The Company reserves the right to depart ahead of its scheduled departure time after the closure of its counter. 


  1. Only 1pc of (20kg max - No multiple bags allowed ) Max dimension ( Height 70 x 35 x 20cm ) Soft luggage is permitted per passenger to be checked in. No oversized‚ Metal or aluminum suitcase is allowed to be checked in due to the limitation of aircraft hold space. Multiple pieces of baggage totaling to free baggage allowance are not allowed.
  2. No trolley bags or oversized backpacks allowed as hand luggage Max Dimension (35 x 30 x 20cm ) due to limited space overhead compartment space. Overboard hand carry is limited to 5kg ONLY. ( These could be medicines‚ laptops‚ cameras‚ and personal documents) 
  3. Excess Baggage (EB) can be purchased at the check-in counter or online‚ subject to availability. Cost of Excess Baggage: (0-5Kg USD25 | 5-10Kg USD50 | 10 -15Kg USD100) 
  4. The Company does not carry un-accompanied baggage or cargo 



  1. Tickets are non-refundable/Non-Transferable once issued. Validity is 6 months from its issued date.  
  2. One free date change is allowed for return tickets. 
  3. A subsequent Date change fee of USD25/- per ticket applies with the application of fare difference if any. 
  4. Oversized passengers above 300lbd/136kgs MUST buy 2 tickets to occupy the entire row of seats due to the limitation of seat space.


  1. Infants are considered under 2 years of age and do not occupy a seat; travel free of charge. 
  2. The child is considered between 2 and 10 years of age and is carried at 90% of the adult  Market fare. 
  3. Unaccompanied child/Minor (UM) MUST pay full Adult Fare. Kindly fill out the form
    before CHECK-IN


  1. Wheelchair passengers will be charged an extra fee of USD25/- as a SERVICE CHARGE PER TICKET. This service must be pre-booked during the time of reservation. 
  2. Passengers with SEVERE Medical conditions may not travel on our scheduled flight. Alternatively‚ passengers may request a medevac.


You can book your flight as usual up to your 24th week of pregnancy if you haven’t had
any complications or medical concerns. If traveling during or after your 24th week
of pregnancy‚ you must bring a medical certificate or letter signed by your doctor
or midwife. You may not be accepted on the flight if you travel without one.

The letter needs to include:

1. Confirmation of a singleton or multiple pregnancy.
2. That there are no complications during the pregnancy.
3. The estimated date of delivery.
4. At the latest date your doctor expects you to be fit to travel.
5. That you are in good health.
6. That there is no known reason that would prevent you from flying.

You aren’t allowed to fly after the 32nd week of a multiple pregnancy or the 36th week
of a single pregnancy.



Onward and returning passengers will be required to reconfirm their bookings 24-48 hours before departure. This is because the timetable reflects approximate time only. For Reconfirmation of Flights kindly email to: / or call our call Centre on Tel. No: +255 782 354448/49 +255 782 35 44 50.