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Flightlink airplane


Having reached several milestones‚ including becoming the first general aviation airliner to launch scheduled flights to Iringa‚ Mbeya and Dodoma‚ cities in mid and southwest Tanzania‚ We began to pursue a strategy rethink in 2014.

The result was a greater emphasis on the use of larger twin engine aircraft‚ enabling the firm to meet a substantially greater level of consumer demand that has been stemming from Tanzania’s ever-growing tourism industry in recent years.

“Flightlink has since developed its own niche‚ tapping mostly into flying safari tourism‚”. “Unlike other domestic airlines‚ we operate mostly from small airports and provide travel to many of Tanzania’s most remote destinations.”

Single handedly diversifying the country’s travel offerings to these ends‚ the company was named the TOP mid-sized Company in 2016/17 by the Nation Media Group & KPMG‚ later recognized as the nation’s runner-up Best Domestic Airline in 2017 by Tanzania Leadership Awards.

“These awards encouraged us to work harder and achieve our goal of operating 30-70 seat turbo prop aircraft as part of our network of scheduled flights‚”

This ambition is heavily reflected in the company’s current 10-year plan‚ a major strategic vision that the firm is currently pursuing to better serve its customers. Many changes have come as a result‚ the company having expanded its fleet to incorporate bigger‚ newer‚ safer‚ more comfortable‚ more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient aircraft.

Aviation and tourism in Tanzania go hand in glove. It’s a vast country‚ and tourists are increasingly requiring aircrafts to fly‚ an element that has seen our aviation sector steadily growing at between 7 to 10 percent annually.

Building on this‚ we are now looking to operate more frequent flights‚ not only across our existing‚ established routes‚ but equally to some of the country’s better-known business destinations like Mwanza and Mbeya.

“Last December we started Three-times weekly flights into Mombasa‚ Kenya – what has been a long-term aspiration of the company‚” ‚ for what would be Flightlink’s first international flight from its general aviation hub in Dar es Salaam.

In addition‚ Flightlink is looking to hire and train more engineers in the aim of launching an internally managed maintenance facility to carry out periodic repairs. An ambition that would significantly reduce costs.

Combining these aims with the growth of the aviation-tourism in Tanzania‚ the future certainly looks bright.