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Our Team

Flightlink Airline: Dedicated to Your Comfort

Experience a smooth journey with Flightlink Airline's passionate team. Their extensive knowledge and dedication ensure a comfortable‚ safe‚ and enjoyable travel experience for every passenger. From efficient check-in to attentive cabin crew‚ Flightlink goes the extra mile to make your trip stress-free.

Experienced Leadership

Flightlink's Air Operators Certificate (AOC) Management Team comprises seasoned aviation professionals with a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to regulatory compliance. Their expertise ensures safe and reliable operations‚ allowing you to relax and focus on enjoying your destination.

Capt Munawer Pyarali Dhirani

Founder‚ Accountable Manager‚ Managing Director

Capt Munawer Pyarali Dhirani

Founder and Managing Director at Flightlink Limited. Commercial Pilot Graduate at Anglo American Aviation‚ San Diego‚ CA. Diploma in Computer Science and Programing‚ Businessman owning computer hardware and electronics distributions. Former Tanzanian National Team Cricketer.

Jameel Kassam
Bsc Air Transport Management‚ USA

Chief Operating officer

Jameel F. Kassam

Graduate From Jacksonville University in Jacksonville Florida with a Bsc in Aviation Management (Airline). Joined Flightlink Ltd in 2013 as a station supervisor‚ worked on his way up to different departments and roles. Now currently the Chief operating officer. A passionate social worker and community volunteer.

John Gwaseko
Master of Business Administration‚ Bsc. Mechanical Engineering‚ Licensed Avionics Enginee

Quality Manager

John Gwaseko

John Gwaseko: Director of Quality Services at Flightlink Ltd since 2019‚ seasoned aviation professional with extensive experience in airline maintenance and engineering. Past positions include Technical Director at various airlines. Registered with Tanzania Engineers Registration Board‚ licensed engineer‚ mechanical engineering graduate‚ and MBA holder from ESAMI & Maastricht School of Management.

Abdillahi Juma Mfinanga
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (A & P) Diploma

Director of Maintenance

Abdillahi Juma Mfinanga

Director of Maintenance‚ holding an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (A & P) Diploma and License. With 5 months of dedicated service‚ Abdillahi ensures the overall efficiency and regulatory compliance of the Maintenance Department.

His achievements include expanding our aircraft fleet and enhancing Maintenance capabilities. Beyond work‚ Abdillahi enjoys football‚ news‚ and movies‚ embodying commitment and teamwork.


Godfrey Mwela

Safety Manager

Captain Godfrey Mwela

Retired ATP license holder with designated TCAA - TRE/TRI Served as Chief Pilot & Safety Manager in various General Aviation Airlines in his career of 50 years. Holder of a Bachelors degree in Economics‚ European History and Military Sciences from The Pakistan Military Academy in KAKUL.

Capt Kintu Newa
ATPL‚ TRI‚ Fleet Manager

Director of Operations

Capt Kintu Newa

Current ATP Pilot with vast experience in the aviation industry‚ Flown Regional Turbo props to Jet Airliners. Former Chief Flight Operations Inspector and held various top-level positions at Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. Currently flying the ATR72-212 as Senior Captain.

Cpt Peter Fiwa

Chief Pilot

Cpt Peter Fiwa

Capt. Peter Andrew Fiwa: Aviation expert with 30+ years' experience‚ TCAA Certified Instructor & Examiner‚ Chief Pilot‚ and Training Manager. Global impact through pilot training‚ multicultural perspective‚ golf enthusiast‚ and gospel music lover.