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Best time to visit Tanzania
March 20, 2018
Top Things To Do In Zanzibar Island
March 23, 2018

Where to Find Great Food in Zanzibar

With a laid-back atmosphere and coastal lifestyle, Zanzibar offers a variety of dining options in diverse settings. No matter what you crave, you will find places where you can find great food on the island, prepared by talented chefs with fresh local produce and spices of Zanzibar. You can enjoy a range of flavours from the traditional Swahili cuisine to the Asian-fusion and Italian cuisine.

If you’re looking for where to find great food in Zanzibar, here are places that serve delicious food and exceptional drinks in a beautiful environment – you’ll be guaranteed a very good time here!

House of Spices

House of Spices has a beautiful rooftop terrace featuring panoramic views of the island. It’s one of the unique dining experiences Zanzibar and a favourite dining spot for couples and lovers at night – as it is usually lantern lit with a starry-eyed ambiance. Wood-fired pizzas and seafood are some of the meals served here. The fish dishes are specially prepared with five different sauces that you can choose from, and the wine list is great. There is a tapas bar to unwind after a light meal.

Mr. Kahawa Restaurant

Mr. Kahawa is an amazing place to enjoy great food in a casual atmosphere. Whether you have partied all night or kite surfed throughout the morning, the cafe awaits you with cappuccino or espresso, which you can take with a sweet pancake, salad or Panini. The restaurant is a stylish place that has panoramic views of the beach.

The Rock Restaurant

With an extraordinary location, The Rock is a world-famous restaurant renowned for its superb food menu inspired by their love for Zanzibar and Italy. The restaurant is well-known with its delicious and fresh seafood dishes, as well as a mix of Swahili and Italian cuisine. Delicacies such as squid, octopus salad, queen prawns, seafood spaghetti alongside vegetarian dishes are always served. Children are not left with their special menus.

Emerson Spice Rooftop Teahouse

Emerson Spice is on top of a hotel, offering guests 360-degree views, while they are served some of the finest dishes. Pre-dinner sundowner cocktails bring a lot of customers before they can order for their five-course meal. Don’t forget to have a taste of the prawns with grilled mango or lemongrass calamari.

Zanzibar Serena Inn

Cuisine blends with tourism in Zanzibar Serena Inn, where you can feel the beach breeze sweep through you, see the remnants of the Portuguese architectural buildings in Stone Town and also the Sultan’s Palaces. The rooftop terrace restaurant is located in a luxurious hotel, where you watch activities happening in the bay as you are served sumptuous meals made from fresh seafood. Fishes you can eat here include the cobia, tuna, kingfish, sea bream, rock cod, lobster, crab, calamari, prawns, sailfish or barracuda.

La Taverna

La Taverna offers well prepared Italian dishes, homemade pasta, and crispy pizzas. Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure that originality is maintained. The menu ranges from Panini, tagliatelle Bolognese to pizzas. The wine list comes from Chile, South Africa, Australia, Spain, and France. The food flavours are quite sensational and sometimes stimulating – it’s a must for any foodie.

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