What is so Special About the Selous Game Reserve?

August 26, 2019
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August 26, 2019

The Selous is super special and well known all over the world. But what makes people flock to it time and time again? Here are the top 5 reasons.

  1. The size of the park!

The park was established in 1922, it is the oldest reserve in Africa. There are over 50,000 km of reserve as well. This is the largest in the continent as well. There are many other reserves that are around it that do not hold a candle to the beauty of this location. If you were trying to get an idea in size, it is the size of Switzerland, Denmark, or Bhutan.

  1. It is not crowded!

There are many parks that are slammed with people all year. The Selous because of its remote location is not. It is really a hidden gem that does not get as much attention. There are restrictions as well on where the guests can go as well. Only about 8% of the park is open to visitors.

  1. You Can Get Up Close!

The reserve is not a national park, there are rules here but there are many other activities that are open to the public. There are more options that can be done for a tourist to enjoy the beauty than could be done in a national park. A great example would be taking an off-road example to check out some of the prides in the park.

  1. Get Great Safari Photos Here!

The park has many different ecosystems and there are around 2000 plant species in the park alone. There are many animals here as well that are calling it home. What that means is that there are tons of options for visitors to take in the variation in animals. This is one of the last locations in all of Tanzania that you can see a Black Rhino. According to the tourism board of Tanzania, there are more animals in each square mile here than in all of Africa. This is one of the most populated parks in all the continent.

  1. Say the name Seloo!

In case you were wondering, the park is named after Fredrick Courteney Selous, who was an adventurer and a hunter. This is the namesake for the park. The Reserve was named after Selous when many other parks were put together to create the massive location.

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