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Top 5 Reasons For Vacation Visit To Tanzania

Top 5 Reasons For Vacation Visit To Tanzania

Very few places on this planet are as blessed with abundant natural beauty as Tanzania. Situated in East Africa, this country attracts visitors from all over the world for its safari experiences and its wildlife. Here are top five reasons for a vacation visit to Tanzania.


  • The Big Five- you’re not likely to have a slow vacation in Tanzania. Thanks to the Big Five that you’ll spend time and effort to spot. Imagine being at the receiving end of a buffalo’s slow stare. Or to be able to hear the trumpet of that gigantic beast- the elephant. You might get to see a leopard in chase, or a lion relaxing in the sun. You need to be able to see the majestic rhino to know why conservation efforts are so vital for this animal. In fact, efforts are essential for all these magnificent animals. Spotting them and being able to be as up close and personal as possible is one of the reasons why people choose to vacation in Tanzania.
  • Natural Splendor- Tanzania is synonymous with the Serengeti. This is the site of the Great Migration, a yearly event where millions of animals move to green pastures. The most spectacular sight that so many people travel for is the migration. More than 200,000 zebra and more than a million wildebeest move from the hills in the north to the plains of the south to take advantage of the rain. Come April, May and June, the animals move north side and westwards as the long rains cool the lands. Imagine being able to see so many animals at once go that your eyes can’t take them in at once? This is the beauty of the Serengeti and its animals.
  • The other draw is the Ngorongoro Crater. This is the largest inactive volcano in the world and it is teeming with wildlife too. Add to this the beauty of Mt Kilimanjaro and you have a vacation that will stay with you for a long time.
  • Day trips- off the coast of Tanzania lies the beautiful islands of Zanzibar. The country is famous for its beaches, the heritage site of Stone Town, and lots of marine life. If activities on the beach interest you then this is the place for you and it’s a short distance away from Tanzania. It’s one of the many day trips you can make.
  • Conservation Efforts- appreciating animals will also fill you with the utmost respect for the efforts being taken to keep animals safe and protected. Conservation is a huge part of the reason why people visit. The African Wildlife Foundation is doing great work, as are private citizens as is the case with Cheetah’s Rock in Zanzibar.
  • The people- African culture is multi-cultural. It is not one thing and it is many things all at once. Its culture and its ways are as old as time and carry with them the fragrance of the land and the respect people have for the land and its beings. From food to clothes, everything is vibrant and colorful.

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