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July 27, 2018
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November 19, 2018

Top 5 Amazing Day Trips Not to Miss in Zanzibar

There are many places to visit and tons of things to do in Zanzibar. This Tanzanian coastal island packs a whole lot of exciting experiences that include beautiful accommodations, beach activities, natural sights and water sports.

It is a good bet to write that relaxation and excitement are synonymous with the mere mention of Zanzibar and can be found on every corner of the archipelago. If you arrive with zero knowledge of the islands, you don’t have to worry as you can quickly set off to explore Jozani Forest, Prison Island or Nungwi either on a cruise or a local dhow.

Within a week, you can cover all places of interest and more. Here are the top 5 fantastic day trips not to miss in Zanzibar.

1. SafariBlue

Safari Blue is a traditional boat (dhow) tour and a favourite excursion of Zanzibar that was started in 1996. It begins at Fumba at 9.00 in the morning and runs until 5.00 in the evening. It also ends at Fumba. Your day out includes sailing to sand banks, islands, hidden waterways, snorkelling and feasting on sea-foods. A great adventure.

2. Prison Island

Prison Island (also Changuu island) is a 30-minute boat trip from Stone Town. Prison island was one time used by Arab slave traders to contain troublesome slaves obtained from mainland Tanzania and prevent them escaping before being shipped to America. Today the island is known for its giant tortoises.

You can be picked from your hotel and driven to the excursion spot. The main attraction in Prison island is the Aldabra Giant Tortoises. They weigh on average 200 kg, and the oldest is 192 years old. The only decent restaurant on Prison island is Mathews, and it is well known. It has a charming atmosphere as well as a good view of the sea.

3. Menai marine national park

Menai marine park is a sea turtle breeding area that lies to the southwest of Zanzibar. It lies in Unguja Ukuu to the east and Fumba to the West. It encompasses a dense mangrove forest, an abundance of marine life and several coral reefs. Menai is also famous for its humpbacked and bottlenose dolphins. The national park encompasses several small islands and pristine beaches each with its spectacular coral reef. Regular shows make frequent trips to the park for snorkeling on the ridges and the great swimming with dolphins.

4. Spice tour of Zanzibar

The spice tour involves a walking tour in a spice farm. While here, you get to see how the cloves, herbs and spices and fruits are grown and cultivated. Your tour guide will also describe how the crops can be utilized. The tour ends with a big luncheon that serves Swahili dishes of spice-laden pilau, chicken, beef and more spices. You can also buy an assortment of ground spices from the nearby stall. You don’t need to tip the farmers as this is included in the tour package.

5. Stone Town

It is impossible to experience the best out of Zanzibar without venturing inside the deeper recesses of Stone Town. Life inside the winding alleyways is fantastic. The best way to tour Stone Town is to do one section at a time. If you make a mad dash for everything at once, you will end up miserably lost, tired and hungry.

If you plan to squeeze your tour into one day, then try to find a guide that you can tailor to your interests. There are many unlicensed tour guides in the Forodhani area, but most are unscrupulous and likely to rip you off.

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