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Top 10 Tanzania Waterfalls

Apart from showcasing its most visible natural resources, like its mountains and game reserves, Tanzania also boasts of rivers and some of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth. Capture footage of these roaring cascades of water and you’re sure to store memories of a lifetime. The country also offers plenty of activities around these waterfalls that include hiking and trekking. Here are the top 10 Tanzania waterfalls:

1. Soni Falls

Soni fallsis locatedin the UsambaraMountains and offers breath-taking scenery. If you’re traveling overland, this is an excellent place to relax for a few days. The area is also decked with other smaller waterfalls worth discovering.

2. Meru Waterfall

If you’re visiting Arusha, then a hike at Meru waterfall is a must. This is an area with amazing tropical pines, ferns and other leafy plants. The waterfalls about 200 feet with a massive force.

3. Ndoro Falls

Ndoro fallsis located in theMount Kilimanjaro area. The waterfall zigzags its way through coffee plantations and other typical river vegetation

4. Sanje Falls

The Udzungwa National park, located in Iringa district is home to Sanje Falls. The park boasts an attractive and serene landscape with a mix of rainforest dispersed along the valleys and hills. The park also plays host to several other waterfalls but Sanje appears to be the largest plunging some 200 meters through a misty spray raining on the valley below. This is one of the highest falls in the entire country.

5. Kalambo Falls

Straddling the border between Zambia and Tanzania is the Kalambo Falls. Kalambo falls is reputed to come only second to the Tugela Falls in South Africa. The waters fall 250 meters down into the gorge and Lake Tanganyika.

6. Materuni Waterfalls

Located in Moshi, Materuni waterfalls is in a small village before you enter Kilimanjaro national park. The falls are surrounded by large coffee plantations.

7. Marangu Waterfalls

Marangu waterfalls is located in the Kilimanjaro national park at the base of the mountain. The river that feeds the falls comes directly from the melting glacier on top of the hill. The local vegetation is abundant with exotic plants and fantastic trees. Marangu village itself is located some 40 minutes’ drive from Moshi town, where you see a stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

8. Rusumo Falls

Situated on the Kagerariver, Rusumo falls lies on the border between Tanzania and Rwanda and is part of the most distant outcrops of the river Nile. The falls is roughly 20 meters high and is a popular destination for nature lovers.

9. Kaporogwe Falls

Kaporogwe Falls in Mbeya district attracts green foliage that grows densely on the river banks until the landfall some 28 meters below. This is an area inhabited by various marine animals include toads, aquatic lizards, and turtles.

10. EngareSero Waterfall

Located in Arusha, EngareSero Waterfall offers a nice trekking experience.

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