Top 10 Best Zanzibar Excursions

November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Zanzibar is a stunning East African archipelago with dozens of islands, white sandy beaches and the most breathtaking oceanic life. Its waters are home to some of the most beautiful marine life and corals anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Zanzibar excursions.

  1.    Jozani Forest Tour

This is a lush green forest at the heart of the island and is the last piece of natural flora left. It is filled with large ferns and trees and is also home to the very rare Zanzibari leopard species. Once you are on the island, it is easy to reach the forest via the 309 or 310 bus or by simply taking a taxi.

  1.    Take A Spice Tour

Zanzibar’s richest industry involves the cultivation and sale of spices. And what better way to be a part of the local culture than by taking a tour through the spice fields. You will get to see firsthand how some of the world’s most loved spices are grown.

  1.    Stroll Through Stone Town

Stone Town with its Arabic design features winding alleys with something interesting at every turn. Immerse yourself in the culture, meet new people and discover some cool cafés and shopping areas at every turn. It is an excellent way to spend the day at Zanzibar.

  1.    Dine at The Rock Restaurant

One of the most spectacular places to enjoy a hearty meal is at The Rock Restaurant. Regardless of the tide, the views of the surrounding ocean are great. The Rock Restaurant sits on a huge rock in the sea. Getting there is easy.

  1.    The Safari Blue Tour

Safari Blue offers a unique and exciting way to tour Zanzibar and features dhow boat rides and a snorkeling trip to Menai bay. While on the motor-powered dhows, you can catch a glimpse of the dolphins swimming nearby.

Head off to Kwale island and swim in the nearby lagoon then later enjoy a seafood meal. Make sure you go for the original tour and avoid companies that offer similar packages.

  1.    Moudy Quad Bike Tours

Head off to the south of Zanzibar and locate Moudy. He is an extremely friendly guy and will guide you through the island on quad bikes as you learn more about its culture and history.

  1.    Big Ocean Diving

Big Ocean is a dive center that takes tourists on a scuba diving as well as an unforgettable snorkeling experience along the coasts of Zanzibar. If you are new to scuba diving, you will get all the experience you need as you marvel at the beauty around Mnemba Atoll.

  1.    Visit Forodhani Market

Forodhani market is a nighttime market that offers plenty to purchase and indulge in. You will find meat and all types of spices here but by far the most popular feature is the array of seafood that you can buy and eat at the spot.

  1.    The Palace Museum

A trip to Zanzibar wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Palace Museum. It is among the most iconic buildings on the island and is close to the waterfront making it easy to access. Built in the 19th century and serving as a home to the then Sultan, it is now a museum where people can visit and see the relics that were left behind by the Sultan’s family.

  1.    The House of Wonders

Yet another awesome building that is a must-see is the House Of Wonders. It is unmissable as it is the tallest building on the island. The House Of Wonders offers a great insight into the Swahili culture and contains plenty of exhibits.

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