Tips for Solo Travelers in Tanzania

December 28, 2018
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If you are considering visiting the beautiful East African country of Tanzania solo, then you’ll be pleased to know there is so much to see and do here that you might just find yourself staying for longer.

There are few things you need to keep in mind to make the most of your trip however, one of which is to keep your luggage small. You don’t want to be held down by unnecessary weight and one of the ways to do this is to pack lighter clothing. The temperatures here can get hot and humid so don’t worry about heavy winter clothing.

A nice hat to block out the sun and some good shoes will help you navigate the terrain. For the female traveler, Tanzania is a conservative country so the locals prefer women to cover their bodies – shoulders and knees. In the beaches, it is okay to wear a bikini but wear clothes that cover you well when interacting with the locals.

If your objective is to visit the national parks and the game reserves having a good guide is paramount. They will take you to all the nice places where wildlife likes to hangout. You can even take advantage and ask questions about the country and location. The guide will give you a few tips which will make your visit more worthwhile.

As a solo traveler you can go on a safari with other people and form groups with them. Instead of being solo in the wild it does help to be with others, and you will also save money too. There are tour operators catering to solo travelers, as well as informal groups of people looking for others to share the costs of going on a safari. For the former, merely google, and the informal groups are usually found on the social media pages relating to the area and country.

One of the many benefits of travelling solo in Tanzania is that it has grown in popularity. This means that lodges now charge cheap prices for the single travelers. And the more money you can save while on your travels, the more you can enjoy the beauty and everything the country has to offer. There are hostels where you can stay and even cook your own food. Some lodges are specifically meant for the solo traveler. They often offer communal dining which allows solo travelers to meet each other and interact.

Food is generally good in Tanzania because the country has a mix of Indian, Arabian and African cuisine and you can find it in the dishes. There are many places where you can get good food at cheap prices. There are markets like Forodhani night food market where you can get some wonderful food.

While generally Tanzanians are friendly, there is always the possibility of theft as is with any country. It is advisable to avoid travelling at night. Also, keep, jewelry, mobile phones and other valuable items safely locked away. If you must travel at night only use cabs or go to designated public transport areas.

For some solo travelers, a safety net in case things don’t go to plan is always a good idea. One of the ways to travel safely is to enroll in a volunteer program. You can travel the country cheaply and in case your items are stolen, you know you can be taken care of.

Some Tanzanians will quickly notice if you are travelling alone and will want to sell you items. This can be risky so be direct and say no and avoid following anyone you did not hire as a guide.

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