Tips and Tricks for Traveling in Tanzania

November 28, 2019
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November 28, 2019

Traveling to a new place in a land far away can be intimidating, especially if you don’t travel that frequently. This holds even more for countries in Africa because of the distance, and the “dangerous” and “hazardous” stigma attached to its countries.

Tanzania is a safe country in Africa, especially when using common sense. There are a few tips and tricks that will make your visit a lot better. We’ve discussed them below!



  • Health Tips:

Before you visit Tanzania, you should get yourself vaccinated for the common diseases that prevail over there. Get yourself vaccinated against Polio, Typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and yellow fever. It’s best to get these vaccinations done a few prior to your departure.

Moreover, try to avoid eating from unhygienic food stalls!

You should consult your general physician to find out more details about the diseases that are prevalent during your specific time of visit.



  • Get a Tanzanian sim card.

There are many Tanzanian sim card companies. The most widely recommended is Vodacom, especially if you’re going for the northern circuit.

For areas of Serengeti, Airtel is recommended for its better coverage. However, if you’re going to visit Zanzibar, you should get Zantel instead.
Getting a local sim card is a necessity because you’ll inevitably need to call or use the internet to access maps. You can get the local sim card as soon as you land in Dar es Salaam! It’s available at the airport.



  • Handling money in Tanzania

It’s best to take US dollars to Tanzania. Note that USD$ bills pre 2006 are not accepted. Other currencies like euros and pounds are also accepted. It’s best to take cash because if you use your debit or credit card there, you’ll have to pay additional service charges that could amount to a lot of money.

Try to use credit or debit cards only as an emergency and keep them protected at all times in your wallet!



  • Safety Tips

If you’re traveling to Tanzania, safety may be a concern for you. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your safety in Tanzania:

  • Travel in groups at night, especially on the beaches! You don’t want to be mugged in a land far away. Even though Tanzania is relatively safer than some African countries, you need to take all the precautions that you can.
  • Make sure you carry around money safely and discretely. Try to have hidden pockets or belts that will store your money. Don’t flash your money and always keep it hidden.
  • Be wary of pick-pocketers. Don’t avoid crowds, just keep your things safe!
  • Don’t wear expensive gold jewelry while you’re out.
  • Never get into cars that offer you lifts. There are many thieves out there that lure people kindly and deceive them. Never get into anyone’s car unless it’s a registered taxi.
  • Dress modestly to observe local cultural customs, avoid unnecessary attention from strangers, especially if you’re a woman.
  • Always obey traffic rules even if others do not.
  • Avoid paying bribes as this can land you in deep water.


  • Traveling Tips

Roads, especially out of the cities, are generally in poor condition. Ensure you have a vehicle fit for purpose and leave plenty of time to reach your destination. Roadblocks are numerous and average speeds less than max permissible.


Always have colour copies of your travel documentation as backup.


Lock your hotel room doors and windows to avoid speculative thieving.


While a lot of people prefer the northern safari circuit (due to its fame and the Great Migration), the southern one is a lot more peaceful, relaxing and teems with wildlife! So, you should try that one out too!



  • Shopping Tips

One thing that you need to know about Tanzania is that bargaining works everywhere! Therefore, whenever you go out shopping, don’t forget to bargain for half the price!

Moreover, when the locals find out that you’re a tourist, they’ll automatically raise the prices to get more profit from you. There’s always a local price and a Muzungu (foreigner) price so make sure you know when someone is trying to fool you!



  • Packing tips

If you’re going to travel around Tanzania, it’s a good idea to pack light because carrying all that load is going to be difficult for you. Take only your basic items, which should include enough winter clothes to keep you warm.



Well, that’s about it for now! Don’t get intimidated by these tips and tricks! Visiting Tanzania is one of the best experiences that you could ever come across! It’s a land that has everything – wildlife, beauty, beaches, mountains and even forests!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up and enjoy your trip to Tanzania! While you’re there, you might also want to check out the Arusha Food Guide!

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