Things to do in Tanzania in the month of August

May 14, 2021
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April 15, 2021
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May 14, 2021

Tanzania is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world, and should be on every travel lover’s wish list. Home to beautiful landscapes, a unique and rich culture, breathtaking flora and fauna, and friendly locals, the country is one of the most wonderful travel spots in East Africa. If you are planning a trip to this amazing location, here is a guide that can help you plan, and enjoy, a great vacation in Tanzania in the month of August!

What is Tanzania like in August?

The month of August is part of the dry season in Tanzania, which means that the region does not face much rainfall. Days are warm, as the average temperature is 25-30 degrees. Nights tend to be cooler so tourists may require an extra layer of clothing, such as a fleece or a scarf. Tanzania gets many tourists this month, so popular locations may be slightly crowded. There are also lesser mosquitos so the risk of diseases such as malaria is reduced.

Here is a list of things that tourists can enjoy in Tanzania in August!

Witness The Great Migration

August is one of the best months for witnessing the extraordinary Great Migration of two million wildebeests and other animals such as zebras. Tourists can watch the migration in the western corridor, and in the north of the Serengeti. As animals gather around water sources, it is easier to spot them and their newborns. Tourists can observe the herds crossing the river!

Spot Elephants at Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is a great location to visit in August, as animals tend to gather near the Tarangire river, so wildlife viewing and game viewing is excellent. As the park is home to huge herds of elephants, this is one of the best times to spot these majestic creatures. You can also find a number of migratory animals such as wildebeests, zebras, elands, gazelles, and buffaloes. The park is also home to lions, hartebeests, antelopes, oryxes, and giraffes!


Explore Katavi National Park

In August, Katavi National Park is a heaven for wildlife lovers as they can spot amazing flora and fauna. As the floodplains dry up, the region’s wildlife heads to the Katuma river system. This means the game viewing is excellent, and tourists can spot both predators and prey. You can find elephants, hippos, zebras, buffaloes, crocodiles, lions, giraffes, and antelopes!

Watch Birds at Lake Manyara

In August, Lake Manyara is warm and sunny, so tourists can explore the region without the risk of rain interfering with their trip. They can go on a boat or canoe ride, or enjoy a picnic on the soft grass. As the region is tranquil and serene, they can also enjoy bird watching, spotting beautiful and colorful exotic and migratory birds. These include flamingos, black herons, geese, eagles, ibises, hornbills, storks, pelicans, kingfishers, woodpeckers, cranes, and weavers!

Go Cycling in Arusha NP

The lush green Arusha National Park is a heavenly region in Tanzania. Tourists who are looking for adventurous and fun-filled activities can go cycling, going over dirt roads and through vivid forests. They can spot animals such as baboons, colobus and blue monkeys, giraffes, zebras, leopards, lions, buffaloes, and antelopes. The scenic views are extraordinary, as tourists can see the spectacular Mount Meru, grassy plains, Maasai homesteads, and unique birds.

These are some of the best things that tourists can do in Tanzania in the month of August. They can go on boat rides, watch birds, enjoy picnics, witness the Great Migration, enjoy the scenic views, go on cycling tours or game drives, or simply relax. Tanzania is an incredible location to visit, and offers an enriching and unforgettable experience to everyone. We hope this guide is helpful in planning, and enjoying, a memorable trip to Tanzania in August.

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