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The Top 5 beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

The Top 5 beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Time on a beautiful beach during a holiday or weekend break is one of the best rated holiday experiences.. Tanzania is a beautiful country blessed with an abundance of scenic beaches that sees locals and tourists thronging to. Dar es Salaam’s beaches are often overshadowed by those of its offshore neighbour, Zanzibar, but prepare to be amazed. The white, fine sand beaches of Dar es Salaam will take your breath away.

Nestled along a natural harbor on the Indian Ocean with long stretches of sand-covered coastline, Dar es Salaam guarantees some great experiences for beach lovers. While much of it is used for fishing or transport, there are miles upon miles of unspoiled beaches to choose from in Dar es Salaam. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to go at first. In no particular order, here are the top 5 beaches in Dar es Salaam you can’t afford to miss.

Coco Beach

The fun beach. Located close to the city centre in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Coco Beach presents a perfect avenue to grab a drink or a cheap bite to eat while enjoying a view of the sea. Sunbathing or swimming is not advised here. Although not the most picturesque, the beach features clear water and nice sand with a little seaweed. With different restaurants, bars food stalls and outdoor entertainment, Coco beach boasts of a lively atmosphere. Coco beach is the first place that comes to mind when relaxation or unwinding is mentioned. Little wonder it is a popular east side beach in the Msasani peninsula and a favourite for tourists and locals alike.

White Sands

Clear blue water and a clean beach with nice sunbathing beds/chairs are what characterises this white sandy beach. From white sands, there is an opportunity to travel to some small islands by boat. This pristine beach is a perfect place to enjoy the ocean, sun, play volleyball and eat good food. Situated in White Sands Hotel in the north of Dar es Salaam, the beach features a nice bar next to the pool and restaurant with beautiful ocean view.

Bahari Beach

Bahari beach situated at the North of Dar es Salaam is a perfect private paradise with plenty of space, consistent waves and a soothing atmosphere that makes for a great relaxing spot throughout the year. A very quiet and calm place, Bahari is perfect to relax, read a book, see some local life, swim in the ocean and drink a few cocktails at the local beach bar. Popular activities to do in Bahari includes kitesurfing and a range of water sports. From this long beach with white sand, you get to order some fresh seafood from the fishing village located at the one end.

Amani Beach

Amani Beach, a beautiful stretch of extensive white beach, is a unique beach on the mainland coast that sees both locals and expatriates flocking there for a relaxing weekend getaway. A perfect combination of beautiful coastal landscapes and leisure activities, Amani beach offers mountain biking, horseriding, swimming and surfing activities that will make your holiday a beautiful memory.

Bongoyo Island

Dar es Salaam’s own island paradise. Bongoyo Island, small and rugged in some places, is close to the city and surrounded by a marine conservation area. The beach has secured its place among the best beaches in Dar es Salaam for its mix of relaxing, fantastic snorkelling and swimming opportunities. Warm tropical water and unspoiled white sands combined with a spectacular outlook, exceptional snorkelling conditions and walking opportunities along the stretches of the coastline make the beach a perfect weekend getaway. Bongoyo is easily accessible by a boat from the Slipway shopping centre on the peninsula. Take the last boat back and enjoy the amazing sunset!

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