The Seafood Dishes You Must Try in Zanzibar

March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020

Not only does Zanzibar have long stretches of white sand beaches where you can relax and thrilling water sports activities, but it’s also home to delicious seafood.

Known for its delicious seafood and tantalizing Swahili cuisine, Zanzibar is a paradise for foodies! What better place to try seafood than an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean?

Here are the top seafood dishes you must try in Zanzibar:

  1. Octopus Curry (Mchuzi wa Pweza)

Octopus is a very popular seafood in Zanzibar and it’s eaten in almost all forms: grilled, fried and many more. Octopus Curry is one of the most popular local dishes! 

You’ll find it at every other restaurant in Zanzibar. It’s a derivative of the Indian curry. It coconut curry cooked with garlic, onion and other spices and it tastes delicious!

  1. Mishkaki octopus’ skewers

Mishkaki are skewers of meat. Any form of meat can be used to make these skewers. Seafood lovers make them from grilled octopus. The best place to eat these is the Forodhani Gardens Food Market in Stone Town, Zanzibar.


  1. Grilled seafood

Grilled seafood is popularly cooked in different restaurants of Zanzibar. The most commonly grilled seafood includes prawns, lobsters, fish, calamari and octopuses! They’re usually served with a side of sautéed vegetables or a portion of rice! 

  1. Octopus and cassava

Most often eaten as a snack, octopus and cassava is a local favorite. It consists of deep-fried chunks of octopus and cassava topped with spices and salt for a flavorful touch! Many places serve this in leaves for an authentic East African experience!

  1. Prawn pilau

Pilau itself is one of the most popular rice dishes served in Zanzibar. You’ll fall in love with this delicacy as soon as you have a bite! Prawns add to the flavor of the pilau and give it a seafood twist. 

  1. Prawns in coconut curry

Prawns are a favorite among the locals. Although the octopus’ version of coconut curry is more famous, prawns in coconut curry taste equally delicious! For those of you who love prawns, this is a must to try!

  1. Calamari curry

Another less popular version of octopus curry, calamari curry consists of calamari boiled and simmered in coconut curry. However, the taste differs from octopus curry so you need to try this as well on your next trip to Zanzibar!

  1. Calamari steak

Calamari steak is usually served with a portion of rice and topped with a sauce of your own choice. The best place to indulge in this delicious food is Le Macis, Nungwi. 

  1. Crab spring roll

Crab spring rolls make a great snack! The crab meat is minced and cut into pieces and sautéed with vegetable bits and spices. Next, a spring roll is made and then fried. It’s usually served with a spicy dip sauce. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these delicious seafood dishes in Zanzibar and give your taste buds a hint of food paradise! While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Exert Guide on Selous Game Reserve Tanzania

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