The Only Serengeti Itinerary you will Ever Need!

July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021
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Serengeti is the crown of Tanzania with its endless plains, diverse wildlife and the Great Migration taking place every year. It’s a must visit if you’re exploring Tanzania!

We’re here with the perfect 4-Day Serengeti itinerary for you!

Best Time to Visit

The Serengeti offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities year-round. However, the dry season (July to October) is usually preferred because it’s easier to spot wildlife during this time because they’re gathered around bodies of water. Moreover, there are no chances of rain ruining your plans!

The only disadvantage of going during the peak season is that it can get pretty crowded so you may need to confirm your bookings a few months in advance.



Perfect 7-day Serengeti Itinerary

This perfect Serengeti itinerary will not only let you explore Serengeti, but also other famous tourist destinations surrounding it like the Ngorongoro Crater.


Day 1: Arrive at Arusha and explore Lake Manyara National Park

Arrive at Arusha’s international airport and then head over to Lake Manyara National Park after a short rest/stay in Arusha. Lake Manyara NP is only about 2 hours away from Arusha via car.

Explore the stunning national Park and observe tree-climbing monkeys while you’re there!

After you’re done exploring the Park, head over to the Serengeti! It’s only 2 hours away from Lake Manyara NP via car.

Stay the night at one of the lodges in southern Serengeti.


Day 2: Wake up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and get ready to enjoy your game-viewing safari day! If you’ve booked a hot air balloon safari, you can enjoy that as well early in the morning.

Spend the rest of the day exploring the endless plains of Serengeti on jeep with the guides available at the park.

The guides know the best places to spot the wildlife so trust them.

End your long and tiring day by spending the night at Serengeti or any lodge that you’ve booked nearby outside the park.


Day 3: Once again, let the beautiful sunrise at Serengeti wake you up. Explore the beautiful plains one last time before heading over to your next destination, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Head over to Ngorongoro after you’ve spent ample time in Serengeti tracking the wildlife and the wildebeest migration.

If you arrive at Ngorongoro after night time, you should drive around for a bit (if allowed by the local guides) and try to spot leopards because they’re nocturnal creatures.

Spend the night at Ngorongoro. The edge of the crater is the perfect spot and provides the most scenic views but it’s also the most expensive.


Day 4: Wake up to the beautiful views at Ngorongoro. Stand by the rim of the crater and try to spot the Big 5 because they can easily be found here, even the endangered black rhinos are here out in the open.

Head over to Arusha after you’re done with your safari!


This 4-day itinerary is the best itinerary to explore Serengeti because it also lets you discover the surrounding tourist spots.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Serengeti and enjoy your safari. Don’t worry if you’re traveling alone because a safari in Tanzania is perfect for solo travelers!

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