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November 19, 2018
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The Best Swimming Beach in Zanzibar

Nungwi beach in Zanzibar is one of the best beaches when it comes to swimming. You also get powdery white sands, thatare lapped gently by the clear waters.

But what attributes define the best beaches? For some people, it is the powdery sand and the clarity of the water. While for others, it’s the ruggedness of the coast and the aggressiveness of the waves. Still for others, it’s the beauty of the people sitting along the shores. But when it comes to Nungwi, beauty is definitely for the eye of the beholder.

Nungwi beach stretches for miles towards the island’s northern tip, and its fabulous sands are less affected by tides, making it the best destination for swimming and snorkelling all day long.

The ocean at Nungwi is like a rippling blanket of blue. Screaming seagulls fly overhead, harassing swimmers in their endless hunger for fish. Gannets can be seen dive-bombing the broad reaches of the ocean far out from shore. The horizon is edged with a silver tint, and you can see cormorants flying towards the place where the sun meets the water. And you can gape in awe as its wings soon fade from sight.

There are many resorts and hotels with private balconies from where you can scan the stunning views of the Indian Ocean and tropical gardens.

Right at your door

Nungwi beach is right at your door. And the following water sports are its chief attractions:

  • Deep sea diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Kite-surfing
  • SnowPaddle-boarding
  • Swimming
  • Dhow safaris etc.

Other facilities include dive operators, restaurants,and beach bars.

Swimmers crowding the beach

Thousands of swimmers descend on Nungwi beach each year to enjoy its warm waters and climate that remains constant throughout the year. Another attractive feature of the beach is that tides are nonexistent and the seas remain calm throughout, thus making them safe even for the very young and old. It has none of the extreme low tides like many other beaches in Zanzibar.

The beach is long, and its powdery white sands reach out for miles. No sea urchins are to be seen lurking around. You can also swim throughout the clock without having to venture far out to chase the ocean. It feels safe and is always clean and bright with an ever-changing glistening and the turquoise Indian Ocean.

Here are the best hotels to stay in the Nungwi area:

  • Royal Zanzibar Beach
  • Doubletree resort
  • The Zanzibari
  • Unforgettable holiday in Tanzania
  • Werere beach hotel
  • Mnarani beach cottages
  • Smiles beach hotel
  • Flame tree cottages

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