Tanzania’s Lesser known Islands

June 3, 2022
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June 3, 2022
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June 3, 2022

Tanzania is one of the most breathtaking tourist locations in the world. A heaven for travel lovers, it is home to unique landscapes, rich history and heritage, spectacular flora and fauna, and friendly and helpful locals. For travellers who seek a getaway, and want to escape the crowds and stress of their daily lives, Tanzania is an ideal destination for a vacation as they can visit the vast national parks, serene lakes, and historical landmarks. For a relaxing and peaceful vacation, they can go to some lesser known islands which offer seclusion and privacy as tourists immerse themselves in the natural beauty of their surroundings, and enjoy the tranquility. Here are some of Tanzania’s lesser known islands that everyone must visit!


  1. Fanjove Island

Fanjove Island is a hidden gem in Tanzania located near the coast. Here, one can stay in well-equipped and comfortable rooms, and enjoy the perfect meals and luxurious facilities the staff has to offer. As there are only 6 huts on the island, the experience is exclusive and extraordinary!


  1. Mafia Island

Mafia Island, also known as Chole Shamba, is a great destination for those seeking adventure or relaxation. Here, travellers can enjoy diving, cultural tours, whale watching, snorkelling, and boat rides! The island is home to 5 species of turtles, and tourists can watch as they are born, which is an incredible sight to witness! Visitors can also spot over 460 species of fish! At Mafia Island Marine Park, a protected nature reserve, guests can take part in activities like boat tours, swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving!


  1. Pemba Island

Pemba Island, also known as the Green Island, is one of the biggest islands in the Zanzibar archipelago. This remote island offers the scenic views of lush greenery, white sands, clear skies, and crystalline water. The pristine island is home to extraordinary biodiversity, which makes it the ideal spot for bird watching, wildlife viewing, and marine life viewing. Tourists can find colorful coral reefs, manta rays, deep sea turtles, crowned hornbills, malachite kingfishers, vervet monkeys, African goshawk, Pemba Flying Fox, colobus monkeys, palm nut vultures, miniature antelopes, and sunbirds!


  1. Lupita Island

The pristine Lupita Island is located in Lake Tanganyika. Tourists can stay at the luxurious cottages and enjoy the stunning view of the lake, greenery, and mountains. They can visit the spa to relax and unwind, or go swimming in the pools. They can also enjoy exciting and adventurous activities such as snorkelling, hiking, fishing, and kayaking!


  1. Mnemba Island

Mnemba Atoll is the perfect destination for swimming and snorkelling. Scuba diving among the protected coral reef is a unique and memorable experience! Visitors can go kayaking, windsurfing and fly-fishing without being interrupted by others. They can also spot amazing marine life such as rays, green sea turtles, dolphins, humpback whales, sharks, and lobsters!


  1. Kilwa

Kilwa is a gorgeous region that is home to a fishing village, a lively town, the Gereza Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1505, and the Great Mosque which was built in the 11th century! The beaches are great for diving and snorkelling, as tourists can spot lush tropical flora and fauna, including dolphins and whales! Tourists can go fishing with the friendly locals!


  1. Totem Island

Totem Island is one of the best lesser-known islands in Tanzania. Located in the north of the country, it is an amazing tourist spot as one can also see Tanga, which is home to the mysterious Amboni Caves where visitors can find ancient paintings, animal footprints and signs of witchcraft. Toten Island is also called “Island of the Dead'' because of its ancient ruins. At the pristine beach, one can enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, boat rides, fishing, kayaking, and windsurfing!


  1. Peponi Beach

Peponi Beach in Pangani, Tanzania, is a great destination where tourists can stay at private and comfortable tents and the breathtaking views of the mangroves and tidal flats. Tourists can walk on the beach, go for a dhow trip, eat fresh seafood, and enjoy kayaking or snorkeling!

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