Pemba: A Fisherman’s Paradise in Tanzania
Pemba: A Fisherman’s Paradise in Tanzania
June 30, 2019
Top 10 Arusha Day Tours
Top 10 Arusha Day Tours
June 30, 2019

Street Food Stalls in Arusha

Consuming street food is the best way to get a taste of the authentic local cuisine at any place, and this stands true for Arusha as well! Street food has a different kind of authentic flavor to it! It’s made with so much effort by self-sustaining locals who earn a living out of their stalls. What’s more is that it’s pretty light on the pocket as well! You’ve got to try the street food stalls in Arusha because they’ll give you a taste of the delicious local Tanzanian and Swahili cuisine!

Here is a list of street food that you absolutely must try while you’re in Arusha:


• Chips Mayai
This is a delicious combination of French fries combined with egg! It’s like a French-omelette! Who knew such a simple combination could taste so great? Chips Mayai is easily available throughout Arusha. You’ll find street food stalls of chips in every other busy street, like the one shown below!


• Nyama Choma
Nyama Choma is basically grilled beef or mutton seasoned with authentic Tanzanian herbs! It’s part of the delicious Swahili cuisine that dominates most of Tanzania. If you’re looking for some protein-rich food, then this is a must-try!
Nyama Choma is available at various street food stalls in Arusha, including famous ones like Khan’s BBQ. You won’t really have to look for it because you’ll find it everywhere!


• Mshikaki
Mshikaki is another beef dish that your taste buds will enjoy! Beef that’s been marinated with just the right amount of spices and herbs is cut up and put onto sticks, like they do in skewers! It tastes absolutely delicious! It’s full of protein and rich, tasty spices that will satisfy your taste buds!


• Samosas
Samosas is a triangle-shaped savory food filled with spices and potatoes! However, it’s also possible to get samosas filled with chicken or beef. The samosa is a street food that will serve as a snack for whenever you’re hungry but don’t want a bit too much!


• Pilau
Pilau is a Swahili rice dish that can be found commonly in Arusha. Not only does it have rice, but it also has meat (chicken or beef) and potatoes in it too! A plate of pilau is enough for one person’s meal. It’s very filling and delicious!


• Chai Maziwa
Tea is one of the most popular beverages in Tanzania, and Chai Maziwa is a specific type of tea that you can get there. You’ll find yourself drinking a lot of Chai there because it’s such a popular beverage! You’ll find it everywhere from high-end restaurants to street food stalls.

Another type of tea you’ll find there is Masala Chai, also known as spicy tea! You have to try it!


• Urojo
Urojo is a kind of special soup commonly find in Tanzania. It’s not your ordinary chicken soup. It’s actually very different from that. It consists of curry, onions, potatoes and it has coconut sauce in it too!
It’s a unique type of street food that you need to try because it’s finger-licking good!


So, what are you waiting for? Visit Arusha to taste these amazing street food items at the various street food stalls! They’re very light on the pocket as well!

You might also want to check out the Arusha Food Guide to get to know about more food options in Arusha apart from the street food!

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