Flight route from Selous (SE) to Zanzibar ZNZ)

The Island of Zanzibar is one of the most popular flight destinations of Africa. The Selous River camp and Zanzibar Island are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.

Travel modes, airlines and time

The flight time is a little over an hour if direct and it covers a distance of 210 km. You need to be very careful with regards to flight timings before planning your journey. If there is no direct flight from Selous to Zanzibar then you need to first take a flight to Dar es Salaam and from there you will be heading over to Zanzibar via a connecting flight.

If you are an adventurous sort of person then traveling by road is the best option. The 262 km journey can be completed by booking a ride or bus. The total time required for this mode of travel would be 7 hours. The route would be the same as that of flights. From Selous, you will be heading to Dar es Salaam and from here to Zanzibar by road. This trip is not recommended just because of the time it consumes especially if you are short on time.

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What your flight has to offer?

The Rufiji River is the first important destination that you will be seeing from the sky. The Pande Game Reserve and its vastness will leave you stunned. It is the largest game reserve in Africa. The vastness of this place is yet to be explored in full. You will then see the multi colors of the sea and will also get to experience textures of the sea. Once the shores of Zanzibar are visible you will see the bustling city with all its glory and beauty.

Airport at Zanzibar

The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport ZNZ is one that serves the area. If you need to wait there are many restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. The town of Zanzibar is about 10 km from the airport which makes the city very approachable. You can also reach the city by bus or other modes of public transport. From car rental to shuttles there are ample opportunities for you to reach your hotel.

The airport expansion is underway with a second terminal. Though the project has exceeded the time limit according to government sources, it will be done soon. This terminal will be serving international passengers. Terminal 1 will be dedicated to domestic traveling.

Zanzibar attractions

Nungwi beach is one of the most popular destinations of the region with the third largest population of over 5000. The Nungwi beach is popular among the tourist due to a large number of restaurants and bars that provide opportunities to relax and enjoy. If you love seclusion, then Kendwa Beach is the one you should be heading to. The opportunities for entertainment are less as compared to the other beaches but it provides a soothing ambiance. The water taxi service is also offered to travel between the islands. It will also allow you exploring both in a single day.

Highlights of Zanzibar