One Week Itinerary For Zanzibar

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Day 1: Stone Town

On the first day in Zanzibar, tourists could go to the beautiful Stone Town to explore its culture and history. The first stop in the morning should be the lively Darajani Market which gives an insight into the local life of Zanzibar. Bustling and awash with colour, it offers local artefacts and street food. Tourists can buy souvenirs, locally made everyday items, and even witness the fish auction!

The second stop should be the Old Fort, originally built by the Omani as a defence against the Portuguese. A walking tour with a guide can be an enriching experience as visitors learn about history and roam the beautiful ruins. The Forodhani Gardens are nearby, where tourists can enjoy the local cuisine and feast on many exquisite flavors and spices!

Day 2: Prison Island and Jozani Forest

On the second day, travellers must go to Prison Island to see the giant tortoises and explore the ancient ruins. At Prison Island, they can enjoy a dhow trip (a traditional boat), or snorkel amongst the colorful corals. Back in Stone Town, they should explore the winding streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. They could also interact with locals to gain knowledge, and learn different ideas.

Tourists can also visit the tranquil Jozani Forest and find the rare red colobus monkeys, as well as 50 various butterfly species and 40 species of birds. The peaceful and beautiful destination, with its lush vegetation, diverse flora and fauna, and cascading waterfalls is the highlight of any vacation!

Day 3: The Rock

On Day 3, tourists can travel to Jambiani Beach, a small village on the southeastern coast. After relaxing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters, they can take a twenty minute drive to the Rock, an iconic restaurant in Zanzibar which offers mouth watering delicacies, and seafood such as lobster, shrimp, and calamari. Tourists are advised to book in advance. The extraordinary Restaurant offers a range of tastes to suit everyone, and is well known for its scenic location, panoramic views, and mouth watering food!

Day 4: Nungwi

Next, tourists can travel to the scenic Nungwi beach, where the soft sand, clear blue sea, and breathtaking sunset makes the experience unforgettable. Activities like kitesurfing and diving can be enjoyed and visitors can swim all day! The beach is small, and allows visitors to escape the crowds. The water is crystal clear so one can even see the fish swimming in the sea!

Day 5: Spice Tour

Visitors can also choose a spice tour for their vacation. These spice farms and plantations allow tourists to see and taste many types of beautiful and unique spices, roots, and fruits, and they can enjoy viewing the plants of everyday spices! Tours such as Kidichi Spice Farm offer knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, who give quality information such as the origins and uses of these spices!

Day 6: Paje Beach

This stunning beach is perfect for day 6. Here, guests can walk on the sandy beach, learn how to kiteboard, and swim in the cool water. They can also enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking. The glorious sunset is a sight to see, and after the fun and excitement, tourists can enjoy delicious local food and relax on the beach, or the luxurious lodges and guesthouses.

Day 7: Safari Blue Tour

The exciting vacation should have an equally overwhelming ending! For the last day, the Safari Blue Tour is the perfect option, offering an unmatchable sea adventure experience, with activities such as dhow trips, yacht rides, and trips to remote, tranquil beaches. These exclusive experiences allow guests to explore the region and experience its beauty with more ease, comfort, and luxury.

A one week tour is Zanzibar can be the most enriching and exciting vacation of a travellers life, with beauty, comfort, luxury, tranquility, and lots of fun!

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