Nightlife in Tanzania – Things to do Updated 2021

June 14, 2021
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June 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021

Tanzania is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. Here, tourists can enjoy eating delicious foods, meeting the friendly locals, relaxing in serene locations, and observing the breathtaking landscapes, sights, wildlife, and greenery. Travellers can enjoy themselves even at night, as Tanzania’s nightlife offers a number of amazing opportunities for visitors on their vacation. Here are the best things that tourists can do at night in Tanzania.


  1. Camping at Ngorongoro

At Ngorongoro Crater, tourists can spend the night at a public campsite, camping in a tent and watching the stars shining over the breathtaking landscape. The exciting experience is a must-have for adventure seekers. Tourists can stay comfortable in the good quality camping equipment which is waterproof and has built-in mosquito nets. They can spot amazing wildlife including animals such as elephants, antelopes, hyenas, wildebeests, zebras, and wild dogs.


  1. Glamping at Tarangire National Park

Another great night time activity is glamping, which combines glam and camping, creating a unique blend of adventure and luxury. At Sanctuary Swala in a private section of Tarangire National Park, travellers can enjoy a wonderful glamping experience surrounded by a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. The site has a dining area, a lounge, a deck and a library built under traditional thatched structures.  The exclusive retreat offers a great view of the park, and is a perfect spot for watching the glorious flora and fauna.


  1. Stargazing at the Serengeti

The gorgeous Serengeti National Park is a serene location where one can unwind and escape the crowds. At night, visitors can watch the stars as they lay around a campfire. In skywatching, travellers can gaze at the moon, as well as many stars, constellations, and meteors. As the Serengeti is away from the lights of the cities, the dark dark sky provides an amazing opportunity for stargazing!


  1. Astro-Safari

An Astro-Safari is a great night-time experience for tourists to enjoy. This combines traditional safari experiences with astrology so guests can watch the stars while they enjoy the landscape and the wildlife. Stargazing is magical, as one can relax with the vast sky overhead. With telescopes and guides, tourists can learn from the astro-safari, spotting many stars, constellations, and nebulas!


  1. Night Game Drive at Lake Manyara

At Lake Manyara National Park, tourists can go on a night game drive, where they can spot nocturnal animals such as owls, as well as bush babies, jackals, African hares, blue monkeys, porcupines, genets, hippos, leopards, elephants, aardvarks, civet cats, and lions! These trips are safe, as the travellers are joined by an armed guard.


  1. Full Moon Party at Kendwa Beach

Full moon parties are one of the most amazing experiences that tourists can enjoy at the beautiful Kendwa Beach. Here, they can see the wild and exciting side of the island and party at the beachfront. Visitors can find local singers, dancers, fire-eaters, and acrobats!


  1. Dinner at Forodhani Night Food Market

Forodhani Market is a bustling and lively market located in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Here, travellers can enjoy a delicious street food dinner with local dishes such as Ugali, Nyama Choma (grilled meat), and Zanzibar pizza. A must-have is biryani, an Indian inspired rice which contains meat and a blend of spices such as pepper, garlic, ginger, and cloves. Other popular items include samosas, mshikaki (meat skewers), mandazi (sweet donuts), Kuku Paka (spicy curry), coconut bean soup, Mtori (plantain soup), and ginger tea!

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