Must Do Activities When you’re In East Africa

October 12, 2021
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October 12, 2021

A visit to East Africa should be on every travel lover’s wish list. The gorgeous region is home to some of the most extraordinary landscapes and views that nature lovers can find. The flora and fauna is spectacular, and the culture and heritage of the region is rich and beautiful. There are many amazing places that travellers can visit, such as Nungwi Beach, Dar Es Salaam, the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Stone Town. Here are some must-do activities that tourists must take part in during their trip to East Africa!



Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the exciting and memorable underwater experiences that one can enjoy. At the breathtaking Mnemba Atoll, tourists can have the most extraordinary experience as they dive among the colorful coral reefs and spot amazing marine life such as flounders, moray eels, octopuses, sea stars, pufferfish, snappers, manta rays, dolphins, and angel fish!



A walking safari is a good way of exploring East Africa’s spectacular national parks. At Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, travellers can enjoy the scenic views and find wildlife such as lions, leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs, kudus, antelopes, and Cape buffaloes, as well as huge herds of elephants, which the park is known for. Tourists can enjoy adventurous walking safaris at other locations such as Selous Game Reserve, Tarangire NP, and Lake Manyara. In Kenya, many parks do not allow walking tours, but some parks allow the best trekking and walking experiences in all of East Africa. At Laikipia Wilderness Camp, tourists can enjoy the stunning view of the river, hills, lush greenery, colorful birdlife, and unique wildlife! In Zanzibar, Jozani Chwaka Forest is great for an exciting walking tour.



Game drives are a popular way of enjoying East Africa’s national parks. Tourists drive around the landscape and view amazing birds and wild animals, and witness predators preying on other animals. At Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, tourists can spot wildebeests, lions, zebras, giraffes, hippos, buffaloes, impalas, and waterbucks. At the spectacular Maasai Mara in Kenya, visitors can find animals such as gazelles, rhinos, foxes, impalas, elands, wildebeests, warthogs, jackals, hartebeests, mongooses, baboons, and hyenas!



Another unique activity to try in East Africa is a cycling tour, which is a healthy and eco-friendly method of exploring the region’s parks. At Arusha, tourists can cycle through the vivid greenery and spot flora and fauna, including animals such as giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, zebras, hippos, dik-diks, duikers, and colobus monkeys!



Hot air balloon rides provide a unique adventure to people who want a peaceful birds’ eye view of the region. At the Serengeti, one can enjoy an aerial view of the national park and watch the wild animals and the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes!



Travellers should also visit the bustling and vivid urban areas of East Africa. Cities such as Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam are full of life. Here, tourists should visit the local markets to buy gifts and souvenirs, take part in activities such as fish auctions, and view local arts and crafts.



East Africa is home to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in East Africa, as it stands at 5895m. It is the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, and the most spectacular volcanic peak in East Africa. At this incredible spot, one can enjoy climbing and trekking up to the peak from where they can enjoy an extraordinary, aerial view of the surrounding areas.


These are some of the best activities that tourists must do during their memorable and life changing vacation in East Africa!

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