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November 28, 2018
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Mikumi National Park is truly a hidden gem situated in Tanzania. Part of the southern safari circuit, 300km south west from Dar es Salaam, it is a great place to see the big 5 of Africa which includes lions, leopards, buffalo, elephant, and rhino.

But there’s plenty more to see and photograph and Mikumi National Park is a choice destination for bird watchers. This is due to the fact that the park contains well over 400 different species of birds.

Another reason why making the trip to Mikumi National Park is a great idea is the number and concentration of animals. Okay granted the numbers of wild animals are not as many as you would find in the well-known parks such as the Serengeti or Kenya’s Maasai Mara but you are guaranteed of going back with some awesome experiences and photos.

The variety of animals is well founded considering Mikumi National Park is connected at its southern borders to Selous game reserve which is the biggest conservation area in Africa. with a total area of 75,000 square kilometers, it could very easily be the largest protected forest on the planet.

Mikumi National Park is Tanzania’s 5th largest park with an area of 3230sq km. Accessing the park is easy thanks to the A-7 highway road that is in pretty good shape. Some areas in Africa are not safe to pass for tourists but Mikumi National Park and the A-7 road is a breeze so sit back and enjoy your drive.

If you ever find yourself in Dar es Salaam and you want to see wild lions, Mikumi National Park is the closest conservation area where you can view lions in their natural habitat. In fact, you can travel from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi, enjoy a lion filled safari and head back to Dar es Salaam the same day.

The concentration of game in Mikumi makes it very easy to spot animals. As a traveler or a family that is used to seeing African wildlife on TV, Mikumi is guaranteed to bring all those experiences to life so make sure you have your camera with you.

One of the best ways to enjoy a game drive is inside your own vehicle. While game drives inside personal cars may not be allowed in most National Parks, you can enjoy the luxury at Mikumi National Park. And that’s not all, there are personal designated areas where visitors can get out of their vehicles and get up close and personal with nature.

There are plenty of restaurants in the park and places where you can find accommodation to suit almost every budget. The landscape to and from Mikumi National Park offers picturesque scenery that will put you in a safari mood even before you reach the park.

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