How Will We Travel After the Lockdown? Top 10 Things You Must Know!

June 2, 2020
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The ongoing pandemic has drastically affected the tourism industry which has suffered great losses during the Corona Virus & COVID-19 pandemic. Although trials have started, no vaccine is available for human use as of yet, which means no one knows how long coronavirus is here to stay. However, one thing is clear: the virus isn’t going away anytime soon.

This means we need to adapt our lives around the virus and learn how to live with it. The lockdown has been eased in many parts of the world but tourism still hasn’t regained its strength.

Here are the top 10 things you must know about how we will travel after the lockdown:

  1. Sanitization and cleanliness will be the top priority!

You’ll see hotels, airplanes and cars being thoroughly sanitized and cleaned several times a day. Just like we have electronic scanners to scan weapons at the airport, you’ll also go through a “sanitization tunnel” to make sure you and your belongings are all clean and free from the virus!

You’ll find sanitizers everywhere – across the airport, hotels, train stations, bus stations and every possible location you can think of!

You should also carry a sanitizer with you no matter where you’re going and sanitize after touching objects! Wash your hands regularly with the right hand-washing method!

  1. Social distancing will become the norm.

No more sitting next to each other on buses or airplanes! Social distancing will become a norm even after the lockdown is lifted because the virus isn’t vanishing away anytime soon. You’ll be required to stand 6 feet apart in queues and inside vehicles!

  1. Inter-country travel will become more popular than cross-country travel

Traveling within your country is going to become a lot easier than traveling outside your country. More and more tourists and travel enthusiasts will discover their own country first, which is also great for the local economy!

  1. Face masks and other personal protective equipment will become a necessity, no matter where you’re traveling to!

Even after the lockdown is lifted, airports and other travel stations will require you to wear face masks and other personal protective equipment. Checkpoints across the country will check vehicles to ensure all passengers are wearing face masks.

  1. Bars and clubs will never be the same.

Crowded bars full of people partying and drinking are now in the past. In the future, after the lockdown, social gatherings will be limited and crowded places are no longer going to be acceptable!

  1. Road trips will become a lot more common than air travel!

Road trips are a lot safer than air trips in relation to coronavirus because you’re exposed to fewer people on a road trip than you would be if you were traveling by air.

So, gather your music and playlist for your road trip after the lockdown!

  1. People will become more environmentally conscious

Staying home-bound during the lockdown has made people pause for a moment and realize how they’re damaging the nature surrounding them. Ever since the lockdown, air pollution levels across the world have significantly decreased and the ozone layer has healed to a great extent! This makes us realize that we need to slow down and watch our steps so the Earth can breathe!

You’ll appreciate the wildlife and nature around you a lot more than you did before the lockdown. After all, aren’t we all craving the open skies, pristine beaches and the comfort of nature?

  1. Ticket prices will increase

Airplanes and buses will not be able to accommodate people in their full capacity because of social distancing protocols. This means every other seat will be empty. As a result, the cost of the tickets will go up to make sure that the travel industry is still profiting!

  1. Amenities and facilities provided by hotels will increase

The tourism industry has suffered great economic loss as the world has come to a standstill, with millions around the globe losing their jobs. Hotels and other parts of the tourism industry will try their best to bring in customers as soon as possible to recover from the losses and start profiting. This means you’ll be provided with more facilities and amenities to lure you in!

  1. Secluded places will be preferred instead of the usual crowded “Tourism Hotspots”

Once the lockdown is over, people will prefer to travel to secluded and off-the-track places instead of the typical holiday destinations. This means that those who decided to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower will now consider going to other regions like East Africa that provide tourism, nature, and a sense of isolation too!

No one can predict exactly how long this situation will go on, but let’s hope it ends soon so that we can travel the world and explore new places. May we never take traveling for granted ever again!

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