How to spend 24 hours in Arusha

May 14, 2021
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May 14, 2021
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May 14, 2021

Arusha is one of the most spectacular locations that tourists can visit on their trip to East Africa. The stunning region offers breathtaking views, spectacular flora and fauna, and a range of extraordinary experiences that can help travellers make their visit unique and unforgettable. Arusha is a pristine location, perfect for tourists that seek beauty, adventure, and unique experiences. With views of Mount Meru, the Momella lakes, Lake Duluti, and Chemka Hot Springs, this spot is a heaven for nature lovers. Here is a 24 hour itinerary for travellers who wish to visit Arusha!


Tourists can arrive at Arusha early in the morning. The region is accessible via Kilimanjaro International Airport, or Arusha Airport. Alternatively, one can get here by car or bus, travelling from locations such as Mwanza, Dar Es Salaam, or Tanga. On arrival, they can check into any of the top hotels or lodges in the region, which offer comfort as well as luxury.


Some of the best hotels in the region are the Gran Melia Arusha, Mount Meru Hotel, Arusha Coffee Lodge by Elewana, Zawadi House, and Arusha Serena Hotel. Most of these locations offer services such as spas, outdoor pools, free parking, and Wi-Fi, as well as providing comfort and luxury.


If travellers do not get breakfast from the hotel, they can visit any cafe or eatery in the region. At Baraa Road, in Moshono Village, they can visit Onsea House to enjoy a tasty breakfast, as the menu includes items such as coffee, salads, fresh fruit juices, yogurt, bacon, eggs, omelettes, toast, sandwiches, and sausages, as well as delicacies such as chicken roulade, Greek moussaka, mushroom risotto, duck fillet, and chocolate souffle!

Tourists could also visit Msumbi Coffee which serves excellent coffee after it cultivates Arabica beans, processes them, and roasts them to perfection. The cappuccino and espresso are remarkable! The cafe also serves freshly squeezed juices, and foods such as apple pies, sandwiches, and cakes.

Arusha NP

After breakfast, tourists can head to the glorious Arusha National Park, one of the top safari parks of Tanzania. Here, tourists can go on cycling tours, game drives, and walking tours, spotting stunning flora and fauna. The park is home to birds and animals such as buffaloes, giraffes, hornbills, warthogs, zebras, colobus monkeys, bushbucks, elephants, hippos, gazelles, woodpeckers, hyenas, apes, flamingoes, geese, herons, parrots, and eagles!


After exploring the breathtaking Arusha National Park, tourists can travel a short distance to the scenic Lake Duluti, which is an ideal spot for bird watching, hiking, and canoeing. The lake used to be a mountain between Mount. Meru and. Kilimanjaro, but it collapsed and became a crater lake! Beside the lake, tourists can enjoy a serene and fun-filled picnic!


From here, tourists can make their way to another natural wonder of the region, a swapy crater called Ngurdoto Crater that is covered with a dense rainforest. Travellers can spot elephants, buffaloes, colobus monkeys, warthogs, and hyenas, as well as birds such as hornbills, geese and herons, as they walk around and explore the breathtaking area on foot.


Back at Arusha, the tired visitors can enjoy a delicious dinner before going to get some rest. At Massarani Road, Tembo Club is a great Nyama Choma restaurant with high quality food and a gorgeous setting. The staff is friendly and helpful and the excellent service makes the cafe one of the best in Arusha. Visitors can try mouth watering food such as coleslaw, grilled chicken, barbeque, Mbuzi mguu (goat leg), Mbuzi Mbavu (goat ribs), chips, and Ugali, and drink wines, sodas, and fresh fruit juices!

Tourists could also visit a great restaurant called Via Via Cultural Cafe, where they can enjoy dishes such as pizza, Ugali, chapati, pilau, Swahili style spinach, salads, sandwiches, grilled fish, pasta, and Nyama Choma. Here, they can also enjoy musical performances while drinking cocktails!

After spending the day doing these exciting activities, tourists can return to their hotel or lodge to rest before starting another great day in Arusha!

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