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March 12, 2018
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March 20, 2018

How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Tanzania in a few easy steps

You might get to visit the most exciting places in the world but without proper planning, you might not enjoy the trip. In order to avoid finding yourself in a similar rut while on your dream trip to Tanzania, here a few easy steps to put in place:


It is crucial to compare your vacation time with the climate conditions in Tanzania. Since the country is popular for its amazing safari experience, and sun-kissed white sand beaches, you would not be getting much done or enjoying much of your activities if you visit during the heavy raining rainy period from December to April. Hence, the best time to visit if you are looking to avoid the rains is between May and October.

Choice of activities

You should decide ahead of time the places you would be visiting and the activities you are interested in. Some of the popular location/activities include:


Knowing the unique parks you would like to visit can help you narrow down your choice of travel companies to use. You can browse information on Tanzania national parks to look out for what you fancy the most. Some of the favorite locations include the Serengeti, Selous, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha NP, Ngorongoro Crater, and Kilimanjaro.

Apart from wildlife safaris, there are other activities you can enjoy in Tanzania including diving, ballooning, bird watching, hiking and climbing, kitesurfing, fishing, etc.

Beach holiday:

Located off the coast of Tanzania, islands of the Zanzibar archipelago offer an idyllic setting for a beach holiday. With pristine turquoise waters, white powdered sands, and soothing sea breezes, the beaches of Zanzibar are some of the best in Africa such as Nungwi, Dongwe and Kendwa beaches. The island is home to outstanding resorts, luxury hotels, and beachfront properties. It boasts a wide variety of unique things to see and do such as snorkelling, scuba-diving, fishing, kayaking, dhow cruises, water skiing, parasailing, jet-skiing, kiteboarding and other marine activities.

Budget Travel

As much as a vacation is about splurging or giving yourself a well-deserved getaway, it would be unreasonable to go above your means. You should consider the following towards reducing cost:

Cheap flights: There are quite a number of domestic airlines in Tanzania including Flightlink, and Regional Air, and Coastal Aviation, As Salaam air and Auric Air Fastjet is known for offering amazing low budget flights.

Movement between locations:

One way you can cut costs effectively is choosing to drive between your safari locations or any other activities you are interested in, instead of flying. Your travel agency can arrange this transportation for you. But if you would be on your own, you should get an idea of taxi’s operation on the routes you intend to ply. You can also check the possibility of getting a car rental.

Use the services

of a travel company: You might think arranging your trip yourself gives you more control over spending but in the long run, you would end up spending more and go through so much stress in getting transportation, accommodation, and food. Thus, to remove frustration from your dream trip, you should select one of the local travel companies with great reviews.

Health check

It is important to check with your physician before you travel, so you can be vaccinated or given preventive treatment towards diseases prevalent in the area. Yellow fever vaccine and malaria treatment should be placed high on your health check considerations.

Getting your Visa

When you are planning a vacation to another country, getting a visa usually comes up first on the list but in this case, you can skip it. Tanzania provides visas to most countries upon entry. However, getting the visa prior to your arrival will ensure a faster entrance.

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