Guide to Tanzania Adventure Tours and Safaris

June 28, 2022
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Tanzania is well-known in the East African region. Tourists worldwide visit Tanzania to experience breathtaking, refreshing, and adventurous safaris and tours. The national parks, the wildlife, sceneries, landscapes, and journeys are unlike anything you will experience anywhere else. This guide to Tanzania Adventure Tours and Safaris will help you prepare for your life-changing journey.

Best time to visit Tanzania

Before diving into the major points, it is critical to plan your trip and choose the perfect time to visit Tanzania. Pick an off-season month if you want to experience safaris with fewer crowds. However, if you don’t mind crowds and have the budget, you should visit during the peak season to have the best experience. The best months are from July to September. The weather is perfect during these months, and it is also the time of the Great Migration in the Serengeti. August is the peak month, while July and September will not be as crowded. Tanzania is also great during January and February. Avoid the rainy season at all costs. 

Where to go

There are many options for choosing where to go on your safari or adventure tour. Some of the best places include:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro – Everyone knows about the towering beauty that is Mount Kilimanjaro. You can book a trekking expedition or visit the base camp to experience one of mother nature’s most beautiful creations
  2. Mount Meru – It may not have the same panache as Mount Kilimanjaro, but Mount Meru is a spectacle to witness. The best thing about Mount Meru is that the trek is relatively easy, and you can go on a tour to make the most of your journey.
  1. Serengeti National Park – The massive 5,700 square mile park is the heart and soul of Tanzania. It is also known for the Great Migration, where nearly two million wildebeests migrate to the Maasai Mara.
  2. Ngorongoro Conservation Area – The inactive volcano is home to the Big Five, including rhinos, African buffalos, lions, leopards, and elephants. It is abundant in wildlife, and the rising crater makes for a spectacular backdrop.
  1. Lake Manyara National Park – The park is also home to an array of wildlife and flora. The breathtaking park is filled with acacia and mahogany trees
  2. Tarangire National Park - this magnificent park is home to gazelles, buffalos, impalas, giraffes, and many other exotic animals.
  3. Selous Game Reserve – The Selous Game Reserve is a private game reserve that is untouched. It is naturally abundant with flora and is home to thousands of elephants

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. If you are on a budget, avoid booking online. You will find plenty of tour guides willing to take you on a safari at a fraction of the cost.
  2. You can always join other tourists on their safaris to split the cost of traveling
  3. Plan your safari so that you can get back to your hotel before it gets dark. If you have planned a long safari, there are plenty of accommodations in the national parks.
  4. Always keep water bottles and some food for your trip
  5. Wear light and comfortable clothing
  6. Make sure to keep your valuables at your hotel
  7. Do not be tempted to rent a jeep without a driver
  8. Pack essential medications, sanitizers, and DEET mosquito repellents


Traveling to Tanzania is an experience unlike any other. The safaris and adventurous tours will change your life. You should also check out our Top 10 Tanzania Travel Tips

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