Guide to Different Types of Accommodation in the Serengeti

December 27, 2019
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The Serengeti is one of the best places in Tanzania to spot the Big 5! Not only is it home to numerous diverse wildlife species, but it’s also the place where the Great Migration of Serengeti, one of the most interesting natural phenomena, takes place!

Here’s a guide to the different types of accommodation in the Serengeti!

Mobile Tented Camps

Mobile camps are seasonal camps that move to keep up with the wildlife migration of the area. Although you won’t have an AC or electricity, the tents are comfortable with warm showers and functional toilets. Even if you’re not an avid camper, this is an experience worth trying out. The best part of the mobile camps is that you’re at the heart of all the action, which, in the Serengeti, means that you get to witness the annual Great Migration with front row seats! Mobile camps usually have two or three ideal locations which are prime spots for watching the Great Migration of Serengeti!

Permanent Camps

Permanent camps don’t move. They are in fixed locations and aren’t ideal if you want to witness the great migration. However, since there are so many animals and since the Serengeti is so vast, you can still see many animals including the predators. These lodges are pricier than the moving tents because they’re more luxurious with proper furniture and located in the best areas of the Serengeti. These camps are ideal if you have a larger budget to spend and don’t want to sacrifice on luxury.

Lodges in Central Serengeti

There is a limited choice of permanent lodges and the tents are usually a better option. But nonetheless, there are lodges available for people who don’t want to camps and want to avoid the costs of the luxurious permanent tents.

Some of the Best Accommodation Options in Serengeti

The Lamai Serengeti is a wonderful lodge option. It boasts of having the best service in the region and sits on the Kogakuria Kopje, with breath-taking views down onto the Lamai wedge. The best thing about booking with Lamai Serengeti is that it offers lodges in three separate tiers: Premier, Deluxe and Value so it caters to all sort of travelers. Prices start from as low as $200 and can go up to $12000.

Located in the west part of Serengeti, Singita Sabora is a permanent type of luxurious tented camp that is ideal for Tanzanian safaris owing to its ideal location with respect to the Great Migration of Serengeti. In fact, the Great Migration crosses the area of the tent during May and June. The rates vary per which season you visit in. During the peak season rates, can start from $1800 while during the green season they start from $1500.

Beyond Klein’s Camp is situated on an area that touches both Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenia’s Masai Mara National Parks and offers fantastic views of both these exceptional parks. At the camp, you can explore the Maasai culture and you can enjoy extraordinary game viewing. Cottage rates start from $840 per person while family cottages start from $2950 for 4 guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go to Serengeti! While you’re there, you might also want to check out the Expert Guide on Selous Game Reserve Tanzania!

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