Food Safari in Zanzibar

May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020
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May 7, 2020
  1. The Rock Restaurant, Pingwe

With a great ambiance and exceptional views, the Rock Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Zanzibar. The service is top-notch and the food quality is excellent, although the prices are a bit high. However, the view and food are totally worth it!

The restaurant is located on top of a rock, just off the Pingwe coast, so you’re surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Known for: Seafood

Best dishes: The Rock Special (prawns, squids, octopus, lobsters and other seafood is included in this dish), Octopus Salad and Grilled Lobster

  1. Lukmaan Restaurant, Stone Town

Lukmaan Restaurant is a cheap restaurant that attracts both, tourists and locals. It’s known for the delicious local food that it serves. You can get authentic local food here at a very reasonable price!

It’s often crowded though so you might have to wait a bit for your order to be served!

Known for: Swahili Cuisine

Best dishes: Fish curry, grilled meat, chicken shawarma, naans, samosa, pilau, fresh juices and smoothies.

  1. Forodhani Gardens Food Market, Stone Town

This Food Market becomes live in the evening! In the morning, the area is a peaceful and you often sea tourists taking a walk along the seashore. However, at night, the area transforms into a food market lined by various stalls with the local chefs showcasing their best food! If you want to taste authentic Tanzanian street food, this is the best place to go! You’ll get every local street food here!

Known for: Swahili street food

Best dishes: Zanzibar pizza, meat skewers (mishkaki), urojo, pakoras, samosas, shawarma, falafel, sugar cane juice, and naans. Seafood is also available, but there are rumors that it isn’t that fresh here!

  1. Emerson Spice Tea House, Stone Town

The Emerson Spice Tea House is a rooftop restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. For lunch, you can choose between the vegetarian or the seafood platter. For dinner, they offer a five-course meal with different options for you to choose from. Guests are encouraged to arrive an hour before sunset so that they can watch the sunset from the Tea House!

  1. Stone Town Café

Stone Town Café is a cozy café with an amazing outdoor sitting area. The food is delicious and the service is excellent!

Known for: Variety of cuisine including local Swahili cuisine as well as international cuisines

Best on the menu: Coffee, caramel cake, crepes, avocado toast, coconut bread, fish coconut curry, and tuna steak.

  1. Abyssinian Maritim

Abyssinian Maritim is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant that serves delicious Ethiopian food. Vegan options are also available here!

Known for: Ethiopian cuisine

Best items to try: hibiscus juice, Ras Dashun Juice, Doro Wot (chicken stew), Tibs shiro Wet, Azifa, Zol Zol Tibs

  1. Zanzibar Coffee House Café

The Zanzibar Coffee House Café is located on the rooftop of the Zanzibar Coffee House Hotel. It serves rich, delicious coffee and a wide range of breakfast items! The views from the Café are amazing!

Best items to try: Masala Coffee, passion fruit tart, cakes and pastries

  1. La Taverna
  1. The Silk Route, Stone Town
  1. Mr Kahawa, Paje
  2. Kijiji Restaurant, Paje
  1. Shirin Restaurant, Paje

Shirin Restaurant is a cozy restaurant that serves delicious seafood. Its ambiance is great and the prices are reasonable! The portions are big too. If you’re in Paje and you want to fill up on seafood, this is the best place to go!

Known for: Seafood

Best items to try: Grilled lobster, grilled fish, white snapper, tuna fish, and fresh juices!

  1. Delight Zanzibar, Paje

Delight Zanzibar is an amazing patisserie in Zanzibar that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Dining here is an extraordinary experience – it’s exactly what a holiday should feel like!

Known for: Bakery goods and Italian food

Best items to try: Pizza, tiramisu, sandwiches, wraps, lasagna, Tirolese, Diavola, croissant, coffee, cheesecake, seafood pasta and fresh smoothies.

  1. Le Macis, Nungwi

This restaurant has a French chef that cooks tasty food with an authentic French touch! The restaurant is a bit expensive but the food is absolutely worth it.

Known for: Seafood, French and local cuisine.

Best dishes to try: Octopus salad, meat skewers, Gratin dauphinios, seafood tapas, crème brulee, passionfruit cheesecake, meulle au chocolate, and coconut crab.

  1. Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant, Nungwi

Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant provides a great ambiance and serves delicious food. The dining area is unique and aesthetic, giving you an amazing experience.

Known for: Swahili and Arab cuisine, seafood.

Best dishes to try: Hummus, Falafel, ceviche, tuna tartar, Samurai (tuna dish), shakshuka and chicken schnitzel

  1. Blue Ocean Restaurant and Bar, Nungwi

Blue Ocean Restaurant and Bar is located at Nungwi and serves delicious, high-quality food at very reasonable prices. The portions are very large and the service is amazing!

Known for: Seafood and local Swahili cuisine

Best dishes to try: red snapper fish, grilled lobster, fish pizza, chicken pizza, and kingfish curry.

  1. Fadhil Restaurant, Jambiani

This small restaurant located at Jambiani Beach offers delicious seafood and other local dishes.

Known for: Seafood and local Swahili cuisine

Best items to try: veggie curry, grilled prawns, lobsters, mishkaki, calamari salad and fried bananas with chocolate dip.

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