Five Foods Dishes in Tanzania Anyone Would Love!

July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021

Tanzania is known for the giant Mt. Kilimanjaro, beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife pristine islands and its delicious local cuisine influenced by the many settlers that have all added to their local dishes.

The Swahili cuisine predominates in Tanzania and has the perfect blend of spices and staples to give you delicious and fulfilling meals.

Here are 5 food dishes in Tanzania anyone would love:


  1. Ugali

Ugali also known as the national dish. It is the most frequent food served with other meals. It is made using maize flour and water combined together and cooked to a dough-like consistency. It is eaten by breaking it into small pieces and dipping it into your main courses like curries.


  1. Zanzibar Pizza

Pizza lovers can try this unique pizza dish. It is different from authentic pizzas an has its own unique flavor. A thin sheet of dough is rolled out and stuffed with meat or vegetables, mayonnaise and cheese. It is then wrapped to seal the stuffing inside. It is fried in oil and served. If you have a sweet tooth then you can order flavors like chocolate, mangoes, or even bananas. It’s widely available at numerous restaurants as well as street food vendors.


  1. Chipsi Mayai

Who loves French fries and omelets? If both are combined into one dish the famous street food of Tanzania is made. Potatoes are peeled, cut and fried golden. After that, the potatoes are mixed with eggs, onions and peppers. It is then cooked like omelet topped with ketchup to taste. It’s a simple yet mouth-watering dish that makes for the perfect local breakfast dish.


  1. Mshikaki

If you love barbecue then this Swahili dish is a good choice. It is a very popular street food which attracts a crowd because of the smell. In this dish, marinated meat pieces are put on skewers. The skewers are put on hot coals and cooked to perfection. They’re cooked on slow heat so it’s better to order four to five so you don’t have to order again and wait in the line again.



  1. Vitumbua


Sweet tooth lovers have something waiting for them. Vitumbua is just like a doughnut. It’s made with rice flour and fried in oil till fluffy and soft. It is then dusted with icing sugar, cinnamon or fruit dip. The locals eat them in breakfast but they also make for a great snack that can be eaten any time of the day.


So, what are you waiting for? Explore Tanzania with Flightlink and enjoy these delicious foods while exploring the beautiful country!


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