Expert Guide on Selous Game Reserve Tanzania

November 28, 2018
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Selous Game reserve is the largest conservation area in Africa with a total area of 50000 sq. km. It got its name after the famous hunter and explorer Fredrick Courtney Selous. To give you a perspective of how large the area is, think of Serengeti national park multiplied two times.

And the area is not the only thing large about Selous game reserve. River Rufiji which is Tanzania’s largest river snakes its ways across the reserve while also creating a network of tributaries that serve the entire region while the main river divides Selous game reserve into two.

The two areas are the northern and the southern reserve. The northern section is the smaller of the two covering an area that is just 5% of the reserve. This is an area designated for tourists and no hunting is allowed.

However, the much larger southern section of the reserve is further divided into hunting zones.

If you want to make the trip to Selous game reserve, then you are in luck as accessing the area is pretty simple. You can take a 45-minute flight from Dar es Salaam or a 90-minute trip from Ruaha.

The main activity that you take part in at Selous game reserve is, of course, viewing animals. You can see animals in three main ways which include vehicle, boat or foot. With the boat safaris, you can get very close to animals such as hippopotamuses and crocodiles allowing you to take awesome photos.

The guided nature walks are an exciting feature and nature lovers can see some big and dangerous animals such as buffalo, elephants, and lions which adds to the thrill of the experience.

With the game drives, you can get even closer to the animals especially when they congregate near the rivers at the height of the dry season.

Visitors can even spend the night in the bush under a mosquito net in an activity better known as fly camping.

The high concentration of animals in the Selous makes it among the most animal dense reserves in the world. There are over 150,000 buffalo, 40000 hippo and as many as four thousand lions. There are also big numbers of wildebeest, impala and zebras.

Other animals include the greater kudu, waterbuck, leopards and spotted hyenas to mention a few. There is also a healthy population of elephants.

Selous game reserve is also a haven for bird lovers with more than 440 bird species to be found here. Some of the most popular include the giant kingfishers and the pink-backed pelicans that are to be found along the waterways. Others include the palm nut vulture, fish eagles, and the carmine as well as the white fronted bee eater.

If you are looking for a great time among the animals, then the Selous game reserve is your best bet.

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