Enticing sights of Selous game reserve

March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020

Selous Game Reserve, in Tanzania, is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in East Africa. This exciting safari destination is home to lions, over 350 bird species, waterbucks, elephants, hyenas, giraffes and antelopes. With opportunities for boat safaris, walking tours, and fly camping, this reserve is the ideal location for anyone who wishes to explore nature and spot wildlife! 


This gorgeous region can be visited throughout the year, as it always remains pleasant, at around 20-30°C. From June to October, the region experiences its dry season where safaris are not interrupted by rain, game watching is ideal, and there are fewer mosquitoes. The wet season from October to May faces rainfall, but has less crowds, the lush vegetation is green, and bird watching is perfect as migratory birds are present!

The reserve offers scenic views that are perfect for any tourists! The landscape is diverse as it contains hot volcanic springs, and lakes, from the Great Ruaha River, and the Rufiji River. Relaxing on the sandy banks, or enjoying a boat ride on the Rufiji River is a great idea. This river flows into the indian ocean opposite Mafia Island, and is one of the most beautiful rivers in Tanzania! Channels and lagoons running off from this river drain the reserve, and result in the lush landscape! At Lake Manze and Impala, visitors can enjoy the views of the clear waters, and watch the exotic flora and fauna. Visitors should also include the stunning  Stiegler Gorge in their itinerary, as it is a canyon of 100 meters depth and 100 meters width, and is a must see in Selous!


This wild and pristine destination is home to different wildlife animals, such as the African bush elephant, lion, zebra, black rhino, waterbuck, eland, antelope, warthog, leopard, spotted hyena, greater kudu, hippopotamus, brindled and Nyasaland gnu, wild dog, giraffe, Cape Buffalo, hartebeest, and Nile crocodile. The reserve has a huge number (110,000) of elephants which are an incredible sight to see!


The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is undisturbed and is the habitat of a wide range of species. The park is easily accessible from Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. The northern part of Selous is exclusive for photographic safari. The perfect sunlight and cloud cover, as well as the breathtaking landscape allows photographers to perfectly capture the views in their cameras!


Visitors can stay at camps and lodges at the reserve. Another important tip is to always carry necessary documentation, extra clothing for protection from the cold or dust, necessary medication, and insect repellent to protect from mosquitoes! Selous Game Reserve is one of the most amazing locations in East Africa and must be on every travellers wish list!

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