East Africa Bucket List for the Year 2022

June 28, 2022
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June 28, 2022
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June 28, 2022

East Africa has many unique destinations that will make any bucket list. There are so many adventurous and breathtaking destinations that will redefine your life. The journey will take you on a self-exploration journey unlike any other. Here are some great ideas from East Africa to add to your bucket list for the Year 2020. 

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

The mighty Mount Kilimanjaro is the sixth highest peak in the world. It is one of the unique feelings in the world-conquering this towering force of nature. Although you may not need to be a professional hiker with experience, you need to be fit to make it to the summit. There are many guides, camps, and pathways you can take to reach the summit. Regardless, claiming that you made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is a moment of pride. 

Serengeti National Park/Maasai Mara

The Great Migration is one of the most significant land animal movements globally. Every year, the Great Migration takes place, where over two million wildebeests migrate from the Maasai Mara to the Serengeti and vice versa. The incredible journey is an action-packed adventure, with a visual of the circle of life. The migration includes the birth of newborn wildebeests, the struggle and fight between the wildebeests and predators on the way, and reaching their final destination. Witnessing this unique event is surreal. 

Mafia Island

If you love scuba diving, you must visit Mafia Island. It is one of the best scuba diving destinations in East Africa. The secluded island is not only a serene experience, but it also has one of the most beautiful underwater ecosystems. If scuba diving is on your bucket list, consider checking this off at Mafia Island. The mesmerizing coral reefs, the colorful fish, and the fantastic marine life will blow you away.


Zanzibar has some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches, where you can spend all day relaxing. Whether you are at Nungwi or Paje, the beaches will take you to another level of serenity. Strolling through Stone Town is also an incredible visual and aromatic journey, where you can experience the culture through the street market and the culinary flavors in the restaurants.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is known as the deadliest lake globally because it has a high concentration of alkaline. It can turn animals that land in or near the water into stone. This description may leave you wondering why we have included this in our bucket list. Once you see this mesmerizing natural phenomenon, you will understand. The lake is a vivid red color caused by the bacteria that love the habitat created by the lake’s unique composition. However, the majestic pink flamingoes thrive in the lake regardless of these deadly conditions. Lake Natron is home to over 2.5 million Lesser Flamingos. The beautiful array of pink scattered against the vindictive red of the lake makes this one of the unique natural sights in the world. 

There are so many other unique and beautiful locations in East Africa to add to your bucket list for 2022. For example, the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is another breathtaking place to visit. To learn more about it, read our Expert Guide on Selous Game Reserve Tanzania.

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