Dar es Salaam Botanical Garden – Travel Guide

June 12, 2022
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June 12, 2022
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Dar es Salaam is a magnificent city, offering visitors a 360 view of the Tanzanian way of life. From the bustling city to the unique and beautiful museums, you can learn many interesting things about the colorful culture of this nation and its many tribes. Dar es Salaam is a commercial hub and has the busiest port in the region. You can experience city life while also exploring the intricacies of the region's past. In addition to this, Dar es Salaam has many other attractions that make you wonder why you have never visited the city before. A prime example of the diversity of this city is the Dar es Salaam Botanical Garden.

Situated in the Kivukoni area, the Botanical Gardens is a tranquil paradise of natural greenery, also home to many small buildings and government offices. The buildings are dedicated to the Kivukoni Ward's executive officers.

What to Expect

The breathtaking gardens are the perfect place to spend 3 hours strolling and taking in all the natural beauty and enjoying the serenity. You will feel reinvigorated after you visit the Botanical Gardens. You may forget you are in one of the busiest cities in the region. The peace you will find here will transform you into a stance of harmony, and the trees, the animals, and the general settings will mesmerize you.

The Botanical Gardens is also famous for the Coco de Mer, a rare tree traditionally found in Seychelles. You may also encounter rare animals, including hedgehogs and peacocks.

Where is the Botanical Gardens?

The Botanical Gardens is in the northeastern region of Samora Avenue in the Kivukoni Area, with proximity of 250 meters to the Indian Ocean. The Ocean road divides the Botanical Gardens and the Indian Ocean. Other nearby landmarks include Shaaban Robert Street, the Southern Sun Hotel, and the National Museum and House of Culture.

How can you reach the Dar es Salaam Botanical Gardens?

Once you find Samora Avenue, you can reach the Botanical Gardens quickly. Samora Avenue is a long stretch of road that cuts through the CBD area. From Samora Avenue, you will need to take the road towards the Indian Ocean. The Botanical Gardens is the last area on the left on Samora Avenue. If you have not rented a vehicle, you can always book an Uber, take a private taxi, or just the BRT system.

When should you visit?

June to August are the best months to visit the Botanical Gardens. You can also visit once the rainy season ends. Although the place is well maintained, providing water to the plants can often be an issue. The rains provide plenty of watering for the plant that may otherwise not always be possible. Visiting after the rainy season will allow you to experience the Botanical Gardens at the peak of their beauty.

How much does it cost?

The best thing about the Botanical Gardens is that there are no entry fees or charges.

Dar es Salaam is a beautiful and decorated city with a remarkable life. It has a spark that you may not find anywhere else. And if the city overwhelms you, the Botanical Gardens is the perfect getaway to reconnect and refresh yourself. If you are looking for more exciting places to visit in Tanzania, check out our 2021 Travel Guide for Tanzania.

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