Cool Travel Gear you must have!

February 27, 2019
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February 27, 2019
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February 27, 2019
  1. Travel pillow- suitable for basically any place where you might want to take a nap, the travel pillow is a good way to catch some rest without giving yourself a crick in the neck. Ergonomic pillows are designed smartly so as not to put pressure on your head and neck. What’s more, they can be washed too. Use them for your trekking and camping, while asleep on the beach or just to pass time in the airport lounge. A simple solution is the air pillow. When deflated, it takes up so little space.
  2. Water purifying device- you might be used to turning on the tap and drinking straight from it, but in some parts of the world, tap water is not safe. Especially if you’re keen on trying out local cuisine in Zanzibar at the vibrant night market, drinking the water might not be a good idea. The GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier can change natural water and tap water to pure drinking water in about 15 seconds. It is just short of a litre in size and has a purifier cartridge that can be used for 150 litres. The Purifier keeps you safe from many chemicals, bacteria and viruses.
  3. Travel hoodie- this is an ideal companion for your safari and beach expeditions, or just for a walk around the country. It is a jacket and comes loaded with amazing features, including spaces to park your earplugs, sleep mask, phone, sunglasses and even your drink. It’s perfect when you’re on a grand safari and want everything within reach.
  4. Luggage- remember that in Tanzania and other African countries, the aircraft tend to be small carrying from 9 to 30 passengers. Soft luggage takes up less space. When it has no wheels, it reduces the weight of the luggage too. A lightweight duffel means you can pack more and yes, shop more.

Portable wine bags and cocktail kits, high-tech glasses that store your memories and also protect your eyes, any number of gadgets and gizmos-the list of gear goes on and on.

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