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The word safari comes from the word ‘journey in Swahili, and in the past was always connected to the idea of going on a hunt and collecting trophies. This is something that is quite outdated in modern times. The idea of the safari now means far less about hunting, and instead has more to do with going on a journey in which incredible animals are seen.

How the Safari Has Changed

Today there is a negative connotation that the word safari carries with it when it is brought up. There are many people that are always thinking about responsible travel as well as more. The safari is a way to see amazing game and to enjoy the time that is spent in the wild. A safari will also focus on seeing the game, but it is not limited to just seeing the different animals.

How the Modern Safari is Responsible

Safaris move with the wildlife, but there are many new ways that they have been repurposed to ensure that they are able to see the animals in the wild in a safe way. Safaris have been developed into trips that will benefit all the wildlife of Africa and will support all the efforts of governmental conservation, as well as those of wildlife sanctuaries. Now people are enjoying the animals instead of hunting them and they are getting a chance to really appreciate the animals in their home environment. Safari companies are also able to do all that they can to ensure that they are contributing towards projects that are going to help bring new people to these areas as well as to the game reserves.

Understanding Eco Tourism

Eco tourism is a new industry that is seeing a huge shift in the way that people look at the process of going on safari. That is because there are many people who are working to find environmentally responsible travel which can show the beauty of the area while minimizing the environmental impact. There are many safaris that will stay at eco lodges and that will ensure that the environmental ‘footprint’ of a safari is kept small.

The modern safari is now a journey that is designed to ensure that it is possible to interact with local communities as well, learning about the local people and their culture. There are many interactions as well that are offered by the people that will not impact people in a negative way. When it comes to the local communities, they benefit from the tourism and they can get financial gains as well when they are selling goods and services. There are some companies working actively on social outreach projects, making use of the game reserves, and helping the local communities in other ways.

What Are Safaris About Today?

Today safaris are about the following.

  1. Experiencing the people and the cultures of Africa.
  2. Seeing the natural wonders along the way.
  3. Ensuring that you are seeing everything of historical interest.
  4. Being a part of outdoor activities.

Most trips are now happening as overland trips which ensures that there is a distinction between those locations that are reached by road and those that are arrived at by other means. There are also many other kinds that are out there such as canoeing, hiking, sailing, and more.

What Are the Kinds of Safaris Are There?

There are many kinds of safaris out there, with many different parameters that will ensure that you are able to use your time in a way that best fits your desired trip.

What Are Budget Safaris?

There are many affordable options for safaris. Here are a few that will net you an affordable safari.

  1. Overland Safaris: These are the most affordable and they travel over land in large groups. The cheapest of these options are made in large trucks and ensure that there is a large group of people. These are overland and ensure that those who want to see the wildlife can camp at all the places in between.
  2. Budget Camping Safaris: These are the tier above the other pricing options. While there is a need for budget traveling as well, it’s important to remember that these are in smaller groups as well as vehicles.
  3. Exclusive Budget Safaris: These allow you to add some style as well as to add some flare to your trip and they can allow you to have a step up from camping. There is a mix of camping and accommodation in the process of your trip.
  4. Budget Lodge Safaris: These are a great option to allow you to have a mix of camping as well as a mix of staying in lodges and tented options as well.
  5. Mobile Camping Safaris: These are a great way to allow you to travel in a 4x4 environment and ensure that you are going to be able to have a fun experience as well as shift with all the guides. His means that you are going to have a location that is not obtrusive as well as one that will allow you to have a great experience. The price of mobile safaris will vary greatly based on the size of the group as well as the way that the safari is being serviced.

Luxury Safaris: Travelling in Style

These are ways to ensure that you can travel in comfort and enjoy every part of the experience. There are a few of the different options when it comes to the luxury safari.

  1. Tailor Made Safaris: These are the topmost expensive kind of safari, but they can be made to meet the requirements of any traveler. These are perfect for the ways that you want to be cared for and the ways that you want to be pampered. These have many options as well such as staying in private lodges.
  2. Luxury Safaris: These are cushy and are made up of lodges as well as hotels. There is a mapped-out itinerary that will ensure that you are going to know what you are going to do. You will pay more for lavish facilities. There will also be very exclusive opportunities to view the game and experience everything that you have wondered about. There are many luxury safaris that have spa treatments as well as private river boats and more.
  3. Lodge Based Safaris: These are locations that will allow you to travel to areas that will serve as your base for checking out the game reserves. The lodges that are on the safaris are located near all the parks and ensure that you are going to be close and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. This is a kind of safari that will include transfers to close cities and are not only in one destination that is close to the lodge.

Fly-in Safaris: Direct Travel

These are safaris that are perfect for taking you straight to your destination. That means that you can head from one area to the other by plane. That will ensure that you are able to have the advantage of heading into places that you can access quickly and easily. These are flights that happen in small planes and that will allow you to carry only limited luggage. You need to be prepared for that. This is a great way to see the wilderness and ensure that you can spot game as well from the air. These are more expensive, but they are also able to fly only in certain stops which means you will avoid a lot of the headache.

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