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  • East Africa Vs South Africa The Swahili word ‘Safari’ means journey. Throughout the world, it has become synonymous with the Africa: the endless plains, it’s abundant wildlife, the Big 5, huge red sunsets, big skies, and particularly East Africa. Africa has remained the most sought-after safari destination across the world. In fact, African safari holidays are adventurous and life-changing, offering a wide variety of fun activities, and an opportunity to view stunning wildlife in exquisite
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  • Where to Go On Your First Safari? Going on a safari is a dream-come-true for many people. It’s an opportunity to get up-close with amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. For decades, tourists have been flocking to Africa to embark on a lifetime trip. “Safari” in a Swahili word means a ‘long journey or expedition’, but it’s has now become our regular lingo. Nowadays, people go on safari to see the “Big Five” – Leopard,
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    Arusha - The Safari Destination Arusha, Mt. Meru | Photo Source: Roman Boed via Situated in Northern Tanzania at the foot of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Arusha is renowned as Tanzania’s safari capital. (To many, it is referred to as “the safari capital of East Africa”, if not the world). There are many reasons why the city deserves this title. The city is ideally located near the major safari locations in Tanzania. Many
  • Inside Lake Manyara National Park Lake Manyara National Park is a pristine park situated in the Northern part of Tanzania, approximately an hour from Arusha town. The park is situated at the bottom of the western floor of the Great Rift Valley escarpment. It features ground water forest, which is bolstered by underground springs. The park features abundant wildlife such as hippos, klipspringer, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and baboons. It’s also home to impudent rock-climbing lions
  • Wonders of Zanzibar Stone Town Photo Source: Situated on the Swahili Coast, Zanzibar Stone Town is a cultural wonder to treasure. Also known as “the Spice Island”, it’s a tropical paradise steeped in history and culture, featuring palm-studded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a romantic atmosphere. With fragrant scents of spices hung in the tropical atmosphere, Zanzibar Stone Town is a sensory experience you can’t find anywhere else. Quick Point: Did you know?: Zanzibar is
  • Top things to do in Kilimanjaro Top things to do in Kilimanjaro With some of the most magnificent landscapes at its doorstep, Kilimanjaro is perfect for exciting outdoor adventures. The region is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Popularly called “the Root of Africa” Mount Kilimanjaro is alpine in the untouched sense with its ice-capped elevated peaks set under the blue sky.
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    Top things to do in Arusha, Tanzania Top things to do in Arusha, Tanzania If you seek an entry to the northern circuit of stellar national parks and a starting point for a memorable safari, Arusha is your goto place. This large sprawling city offers a nice break from the rigours on the African road with excellent places to stay and eat. Located near the foot of Mt Meru, Arusha is situated at an altitude
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    How to Pack for an African Safari When planning to travel to Africa to experience safari tours, it is important to pack properly. Most times, first-timers going on African safari pack too many things and the trip becomes more daunting due to weight restrictions on baggage. Thus, it’s crucial to know the appropriate things to pack for the bush. To help you plan and pack well, here are some essential things you’ll need for an