A Safari, Floating On Air.

Balloon Safaris over the Serengeti

It is said that one will never forget a ride in a hot-air balloon. Imagine, then, a hot-air balloon ride over Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Silent, other than the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahs’ of your fellow travellers, 360-degree panoramic views, floating silently and effortlessly above the game filled plains.

Flightlink, together with its operating partner Miracle Experience, now brings you the opportunity to book this once-in-a-life-time experience for when you are in the Serengeti.

There is no other experience like this, in the world.

Balloon Safaris & Flightlink

First and foremost, we fly because we love it. Since 2004 Flightlink has been at the forefront of ‘Flying Safaris’. Established to service and develop tourism and related business in the fast expanding east African safari market. Founded as a pioneer of many of today’s visitor filled routes, as well as the introduction of modern, pressurised aircraft delivering guests faster, in more comfort, and even more affordably than previously known.

Many our customers visit the most famous national park in all the world, the Serengeti.

Where From?

We offer balloon flights all year from our Seronera, central Serengeti launch site.

In addition, Kogatende, northern Serengeti from June – November; Ndutu, southern Serengeti December – March; and Kirawira, western Serengeti June – October.

How do I book?

Right here on our website. Enter the date you’d prefer, and we will show you all the balloon flights for that day that are available. Bear in mind where you will be staying.

Your Questions Answered

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    Balloons and flying, general information.

    No previous experience is required, with everyone being able to fly.

    Flights operate in early morning. Firstly, the air is at its most still, and secondly, there is a light at that time of the day that enhances the magic.

    A balloon flies due to the air inside the ‘envelope’, the balloon itself, being warmed until it is lighter than the surrounding air, and hot air rises so the balloon rises. This same principle is used by the pilot to decrease the altitude ie: reduces the heat of the air inside the envelope.

    The maximum height by law that the balloons may rise to is governed by the TCAA – 1830m. Your scenic flight will be at less than 1000m generally.

    There is very little discernible movement when flying as the balloon and its occupants are all moving at the same speed as the air around it. Motion sickness is very, very unusual in a balloon.

    Your flight itself will last about an hour.

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    What does the experience entail?

    Rising before the sun, heading out on a game drive to the launch site, witnessing the balloons inflate, floating into the sky and upon landing a sumptuous, very full champagne breakfast, a 6* affair. After breakfast, a game drive to return you to your lodge / camp / hotel. About 5 hours in total from pickup to drop-off.

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    What if the weather is not good?

    If the weather is assessed to not be conducive to safe flight, you will be refunded in full, or you can choose to rebook.

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    When should I book?

    The earlier, the better as, particularly in season flights are very popular. Each balloon launches only once per day.

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    Who can fly?

    Anyone aged 5 yrs and above and a minimum height of 1.2m (3ft 9 inch). Between the ages of 5 and 7 an adult must be present.

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    Where do we meet the team?

    You will be fetched from your hotel / lodge / camp on the morning of your flight. This will be arranged personally with you after you have booked. The time will be advised once the team knows where. You will be returned after breakfast.

Safety & Equipment

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    Flight & Ground Crew

    All staff are fully trained and certified for their respective roles in the operating of hot-air balloon flights. Be they the commercially licensed pilots with over 15 000 flying hours between them, or ground crew with first aid and safety assurance certification plus full balloon handling training.

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    Each passenger’s individual circumstances are assessed. From physical capabilities to weight needed for flight planning purposes, our operations team will contact you personally after you’ve made your booking.

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    The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) certifies our operations partner’s equipment and conducts regular audits. This is as exact as it for the Flightlink operation, carrying thousands of customers weekly.

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    You’ll fly only in modern, custom made balloons.

    Thorough pre-flight inspections are conducted against custom drawn-up checklists covering equipment, personnel and conditions.

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    Our partner’s equipment and personnel are fully insured. See the insurance certificate here.

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