An Epic Hiking Adventure You Have To Experience In Arusha

June 4, 2022
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June 4, 2022

Arusha is one of the most visited cities in Tanzania because it is central to many national park safaris and tours. It is bordered by Kenya on the northeast, with the Serengeti National Park to the northwest. It is also known for its coffee plantation. You can also see the majestic Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro in the backdrop, making Arusha one of the most picturesque towns in the region. Because of its location, Arusha is the perfect place for many tourists to stop over during their safaris. Arusha is also a great place to start an epic hiking adventure.

Materuni Waterfalls – Kikuletwa Hot Springs Hike

You can take a one-day hiking tour to the mesmerizing Materuni Waterfalls. The tour will include a trip to Kikuletwa too. It is a cultural experience in the great outdoors, where you will relish the opportunity to explore the natural wonders in and around Arusha. The Materuni Waterfalls is a rewarding hike for two reasons. One, the waterfalls are gorgeous and approximately over 80 meters in height. Second, you can enjoy a dip in the waterfalls. The hike takes approximately 1.5-2 hours, refreshing the dip in the water. You may also get to see Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit from the waterfalls.


You can continue your hike from Materuni Waterfalls to Kikuletwa. On your way to Kikulewa, you will encounter Arusha’s famous coffee farms. You can explore the coffee farms and learn more about the plantations. You will get to learn the process, from cultivation to roasting. The people at the plantation may even invite you to grind and prepare coffee. After you are done, enjoy the experience of freshly brewed coffee like you have never before.


After touring the coffee plantation, you can make your way to Kikuletwa Hot Springs. You will come across sugar cane plantations, dried river beds, acacia, and baobab trees. The Kikuletwa Hot Springs is located near the Rundugai village. Figs ad palm trees surround the hot springs. You can enjoy a refreshing and therapeutic dip in crystal clear water.

Mount Meru Hike

If you have experience mountain climbing, you can also go on a four-day Mount Meru Hike. The tour four-day round trip takes you to the summit. You will start your journey from Arusha to Miriakamba Hut on the first day. It will be a 5 to 7-hour hike, which will get you to a height of 2,500m.


After spending the night at Miriakamba Hut, you will continue your journey to Saddle Hut, 1,000m higher. On this trail, you can see Mount Meru’s crater.


On the third day, you will hike to the summit. At the summit, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Meru Ash and Mount Kilimanjaro. After you catch your breath and spend enough time taking in the epic journey, you will start descending to Miriakamba Hut to spend the night before making your way back to Arusha on the final day.


There are so many other epic hikes you can go to from Arusha. You can also explore Arusha, which is a unique cultural experience. The best thing about these adventures is that you can do them independently. If you want to go on a solo trip, you should know 

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