Selous - Game Reserve

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See nature in its purest form in the Selous National Park. Get to know the wilderness that will make you fall in love. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a lot that this reserve has to offer to its visitors.


Covering an area of 50,000 square km ( just under 20 000 sq m), the Selous Game Reserve is one of the biggest natural safari parks and game reserves in Tanzania, and the world.

Part of Tanzania’s southern safari circuit, the Selous is every bit as awe inspiring as its better know sibling, The Serengeti, and yet receives only about 15% of the Serengeti visitor numbers.

With the diverse wildlife and the wilderness the Selous is considered to be one of the purest natural reserves globally. Most of the area of this game reserve is completely untouched which makes it awe inspiring and worth including on any itinerary.

Some of the inhabitants of the area are the black rhinos, bush elephants, hippos and giraffe. There is no permanent human settlement within the reserve.

Along the Rufiji River are areas which have been designated as photographic zones. These are the most popular tourist attractions of the game reserve.

One of the most popular forms of safari of the park is the walking safari. Along with the boating on the Rufiji River, this is the most popular activity of this game reserve. It is also regarded as the “Untouched Wilderness of Africa”.

The saddest truth about the game reserve is the rapidly declining population of the elephants. The steep decline of 66% from 1976 – 2013 is due to poaching. The current elephant population of the area is about 13,000. A boundary change process of the reserve is under review due to the uranium deposits that have been discovered just outside of the reserve.

The landscape of the reserve is awesome, and the wilderness is simply matchless. It can be called as a heaven of the wildlife enthusiasts. Both the flora and fauna of the reserve are very diverse and therefore it is one of the best reserves to explore and research about the topic.


– Get to know the wildebeest and how they live in the most natural environment of the world.

– Enjoy the best safari trails and options with the guided tours that will help you explore the area completely.

– With untouched plains and the biodiversity, this game reserve is one of the best areas to go for.

– Row your boat in the Rufiji River which is a popular tourist attraction.

– Enjoy the natural habitat of the park such as Nile Crocodile, Plains zebra, buffaloes, and giraffe.

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