Mombasa - Dazzling Growing City

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Mombasa is a dazzling growing city that is located along the coast of Indian Ocean.


Mombasa is a commercial hub for many other surrounding communities and countries due to the presence of it’s large port. It is also an important tourist point in the country as it is the city with the most history that goes back between the first and fifth centuries that can be traced along the city’s culture, architecture and the food.

When you visit Mombasa you will meet a vibrant lifestyle of the swahili people, world-class beachfront hotels and resorts for complete relaxation, and tropical weather all year round. There are a lot of activities that can be done in the city perfect for individuals, couples and family. This is a city to be for your holiday!!

Mombasa Airport

MOI international airport is the airport that serves Mombasa city and other neighboring communities. The airport located at a town called Port Reitz features regional and also intercontinental flights which allows many people from different places to come and tour this attractive city. The airport was recently renovated in 2016 and has been equipped with more facilities for your convenience, comfortability and experience.

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