Lake Manyara - Most Unique Lake in Africa

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Visit one of the most unique lakes in Africa. The diverse landscapes and the flora and fauna will leave you in awe. Get to know more about the lake with the guided tours offered by the locals.


Located a short flight west of Arusha, in the Manyara region of Tanzania, Lake Manyara is a shallow water, alkaline lake that is a part of the Manyara National Park.

The wildlife of this compact park is diverse and therefore it is one of the best and the most visited places in the country. The Manyara National Park is located in both the Arusha and Manyara regions.

The Lake Manyara safaris are also offered by the locals that add to the value of any visit. All the tours are in English and can be understood easily. The lake is located 126 km from Arusha. The park is under the administration of the Tanzanian National Parks Authority.

The park is about 330 square kilometers out of which the lake covers 60%. The alkalinity of the waters make Lake Manyara one of the world’s key areas for breeding flamingos. The flamingos can be seen in thousands during the rainy season. However, in the dry weather, they are not present around the lake at all. Bird watching is one of the best activities of tourists that visit the region. There are around 400 bird species in this region and therefore it is one of the best parks to examine the behavior of the birds. On any day it is highly likely that the tourist will see around 100 species of the birds around Lake Manyara.

The game in the park is very diverse and unique as per the normal standards. Here you will be able to see the tree climbing lions as well as the giraffes, elephants and hippos.

Though small by Tanzanian park standards, it is still it is highly praised by the tourists since it has been preserved very well. Hornbills, eagles, and fowls can also be spotted that add to the beauty of the region.

The road safari in the park is advised which takes about 4 hours to complete. This will also let you get the best view of this small park. There are companies offering the tours starting from the afternoon, but it is recommended to start the tour in the morning. It will allow you to spend more time at the park and around the lake.


– Witness Lake Manyara and the national park associated with it with the help of guided tours.

– Get to know the biodiversity of the lake and the associated park which adds to the value of your tour.

– Watch 100+ species of the birds on any day of your visit which shows how diverse the fauna of the region is.

– Hit the dirt and explore the entire lake and national park in less than 5 hours.

– Indulge in bike tours and hiking just outside the park.

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