Fort Ikoma - Serengeti

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Live history and explore nature at the same time. Fort Ikoma Serengeti is the perfect destination for those wanting to live with untamed nature, the Big5, while enjoying a brush with history at the same time. Get to know one of the world’s most famous National Parks.


Right on the edge of the Rift Valley lies the magnificent fort that was built by the Germans. It was during the Colonial Era that this fort was taken over by the British. Now it is a popular historic site and Safari destination with biodiversity that is matchless.

Other major points around the fort are Nyugati to the south, Nabati Hill to the northwest and Robanda village. The location is something that makes this fort awesome. There are several rooms that can still be explored and features that astonish visitors.

Fort Ikoma campsite lies on the northwestern side of the Serengeti National Park, accessed via the the Fort Ikoma gate which is regarded as the official entrance to the park from the north west. The Tanzanian National Parks Authority offices are also located in the area from where all permits are issued. Payment is only done via debit or credit cards, ands is payable in USD.

Fort Ikoma has its own airstrip, serviced by Flightlink out of Arusha airport.  The best time to visit the area is around June or July which will make sure that you get the best views and good game sightings. It is because the rainy season has just ended and the plains start drying up.

It is one of the best place to spend time within the Serengeti, with night game drives on offer. There is a café and curio shop near to the gate where you can relax and get fresh after long day drive. The site is at a distance of 100 meters from the main gate. If you are planning on visiting the area then spare a week for yourself. It is because of the two-game areas that are located close by i.e. Serengeti and Grumeti.


– Enjoy the history and wildlife at the same time.

– Get to know more about the nightlife at the Serengeti National Park.

– See the herds crossing the area. The best part of the year for this is from June to October.

– Show your commitment to the environment by using clean energy i.e. solar power at the campsite.

– See the wildebeest migration as they head to the north of Mara River.

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