A Day at Arusha – Unique Things to Know

June 28, 2022
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June 28, 2022

Arusha is a beautiful city in Tanzania that many travelers visit, primarily to go on their safaris as the roads from Arusha connects to several national parks. However, visiting Arusha for the experience of the city is well worth your time. Arusha is an enchanting city filled with culture. Apart from its intricate heritage, the city is located at the foot of the towering Mount Meru. Mount Kilimanjaro is visible in the background (almost 80 kilometers away) from some higher peaks. It is a majestical place that will make you stay. If you want to spend a day in Arusha, here are some unique things to know about the magnificent city.


The coffee plantations in Arusha will entice coffee aficionados. Coffee is one of Tanzania’s major exports, and Arusha is the heart of Tanzania’s coffee production. Visiting the plantation factories is a unique experience, with enticing aromas and the opportunity of how these magical beans make their way to your morning cup. The plantations span across the mountain, and you can even take a tour to get the whole seed to cup coffee experience. Even if you aren’t a big fan of coffee, learning more about the process is an exciting opportunity.

The Tanzanite Experience

Tanzania is also known for the beautiful and intricate natural gemstone, tanzanite. The Tanzanite Experience in Arusha provides you with a complete journey to see and experience how the gemstones are extracted. You will learn how the gemstone is mined, cut, polished, graded, and prepared to be used in jewelry. The Tanzanite Experience is a fun learning experience you do not want to miss.

After learning about the process, you can browse the markets to buy jewelry with tanzanite at excellent prices. It makes for a good souvenir and memento while perfectly complementing any attire.

Hand-Made Beads

Arusha is well-known for its crafty handwork. The Shanga market was developed to provide working opportunities to disabled residents, providing them with a source of income and the pride of being part of a community to take Tanzania’s culture and showcase it to travelers worldwide.

You can browse through the market to see some of the most delicately made necklaces made from recycled glass beads. These hand-made necklaces are distributed to malls, shopping outlets, and other retail stores throughout Tanzania. Many even make it to overseas stores.

Apart from browsing the market, you can even craft a beautiful necklace yourself by visiting the workshop.

Maasai Market Curio & Craft

The Maasai Market Curio & Craft is a unique market where you can find a diverse range of locally made goods, including carvings, antiques, beads, gemstones, fabrics, and many other things that you can purchase for bargain prices. These goods are available in other places; however, you get excellent prices by buying from the source. However, you must be willing to bargain with the storekeepers. They will usually quote a high price, but you can get an excellent price if you bargain with them.

Chemka Hot Springs

The Chemka Hot Springs is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy natural hot springs. Although it may take some to drive to the location, this stunning place is serenity. You can relax in the hot springs, soak the moment, and rejuvenate yourself.

Arusha is a magical place to visit, with many activities and places to explore. You can also learn about many of the other unique cities of Tanzania by checking out Explore Tanzania with Flightlink.

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