7 things you must pack in your bag while travelling to Tanzania

March 9, 2020
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Tanzania is one of the best tourist destinations in East Africa, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences that caters to all needs, including relaxation, adventure, search for knowledge, romance, or excitement. Packing the right items is essential for having the perfect trip, so here are seven things that you must pack while travelling to Tanzania.

  • The right clothing and accessories

Tourists must carry accessories such as a  sun hat, scarf, and sunglasses. A good idea is to pick clothes that are lightweight and breathable, and can adapt to changing temperatures. Neutral colors, such as khaki, beige, taupe or grey, are recommended. (Many insects such as tsetse flies and mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours). Long sleeves that can be rolled up are a good idea, as when down they prevent sun burn as well as insect bites.

Visitors should also carry an extra layer, such as a light jacket or fleece, for protection from the cold. Comfortable trainers are suitable for walking safaris, but carrying sandals or flip flops as well, is also recommended. Hiking boots should be taken if the plan includes walking through harsh terrain. 

  • Medicine 

Insect repellent is a must have for all tourists. Saline eye drops are good if going on safari as dust will be present during the day’s game drives. Travelers must also carry necessary medication and first aid items, such as pain killers, ointments, band aids, and anti-allergy medicines. In case the visitor requires any extra medication, such as insulin, or supplements etc, they must ensure that they are carrying it, to avoid any difficult circumstances. 

  • Body care products

Body care and hygiene products must definitely be carried. The bag must contain items such as lotion, skin care products, soap, hand wash, deodorant, sunscreen.

  • Necessary documentation

Tourists must always carry necessary documentation, such as their ID, credit cards, money, visa, passport, plane and transport tickets, bookings etc, to avoid any trouble or hassle. Colour copies of passports / driver’s licenses, medical certificates are a must, and should be kept separate from the originals.

  • Electronics

Electronics such as mobile phones, chargers, laptops, cameras, power banks, adapters for UK type D, 220 v, 50 Hz power supplies, extra batteries (not always available in remote areas and when available are expensive), extra film (in case of a Polaroid camera), and necessary wiring, must always be packed for a trip. Forgetting to pack batteries or power banks etc. might prove to be a mistake as one may lose contact, or be unable to take pictures of special moments.

  • Safari essentials

In case the itinerary includes a safari, travelers must carry extra items such as safari shoes, extra clothing, mosquito repellent, maps, tour guide info, and sleeping bags. 

  • Other Items

Tourists must pack items such as binoculars (preferably 1 pair per person), pen, paper, nail cutter, contact solution (if needed), spare spectacles, hair brush, hair elastics, makeup, and sanitary products.

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