6 Essential Tanzania Travel Tips You Must Know!

February 27, 2019
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Staying with medical matters, make sure you carry your medical kit with you when you go to Tanzania. It should contain your regular medication, if you’re on anything, and also your SOS medication. Medicines for the flu, cold, aches and pains, stomach issues, bug spray, insect repellent and sunscreen should also be there in your luggage.

  1. Luggage- speaking of luggage, it may be counter-intuitive to carry less and pack light while on holiday in beautiful Tanzania but remember it is a safari, and you will be moving with your luggage. Airlines usually have a 15kg limit due to the small aircraft used to fly into the safari areas, and also advise to use soft shell luggage. If you’re going to trek or hike, it will be a tedious process to know where to leave your stuff and repack. Pack sensibly- clothing for hikes, comfortable shoes and safari-friendly attire.
  2. Documentation- you need to carry proper documents on your trip. Passport, visa and vaccination certificates are imperative. Apart from that, game reserve permits and other permission slips as required. It would be a good idea to make multiple copies of your passport and ID and leave them in different places in your pieces of luggage. Make sure that your tickets are saved on Cloud or email. Photographs also need to be saved so that you have more space to take more pictures!
  3. Know the culture of the place- Tanzania has a tipping culture, so set aside money for it. 10-12% is normal for wait staff and drivers. Do also keep in mind that sometimes you’ll get asked money for the simplest of tasks, like taking a photograph- make sure you say no to requests that don’t make sense to you. Also, if you’re taking pictures, check with people if it’s okay by them and then proceed. Tanzania has a rich and vibrant culture, blessed with friendly people who want to help. Make sure that you’re respectful to them.
  4. Have fun- the whole idea of visiting Tanzania is to enjoy the beauty of this country. Make sure to leave your cares and worries behind and immerse yourself in this once in a lifetime destination. Tanzania will leave you with a new appreciation for nature and her creatures.

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