5 Reasons Why Mombasa, Kenya Should Be On Your Exciting Travel Bucket List

January 22, 2023
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November 1, 2022
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January 22, 2023


Momabasa is the 2nd largest city in Kenya and is one of the most spectacular and popular tourist destinations in East Africa. Here are 5 reasons why every travel lover should have Mombasa in their exciting travel bucket list!


  1. Its Rich History

Mombasa is culturally and historically rich, and provides tourists with the amazing opportunity to learn about the region’s archeological and colonial history. Mombasa Old Town offers a unique amalgamation of various social, political, religious and economic activities of different settlers over the years including the British, the Portuguese and the Omani Arabs. Tourists can take a walking tour to explore the intricate architecture, shop for souvenirs, and taste Kenya's unique exotic teas. Tourists can visit Fort Jesus and see 16th Century Portuguese military architecture, alongside the Omani House and Swahili displays. Built between 1593 and 1596 by the Portuguese, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travelers can see exhibits such as African and Indian pottery, Chinese artifacts, 18th and 19th century bronze cannons, and archeological finds from the coast. One can also go to Jumba la Mtwana Ruins, the remains of the small Swahili town that dates back to the fourteenth century, and is home to ancient structures, a mosque, and interesting archeological relics. Another historical landmark is the ruins of Gede, which include ancient mosques, houses, and a palace, all made from stone with stone pillars. The site has been recognized as a Historical Monument since 1927.


  1. Its Stunning Locations

Haller Park was once an exhausted quarry, but has been turned into a stunning animal sanctuary, full of breathtaking flora and fauna that tourists can enjoy. One can find animals such as monkeys, eland, hippos, giraffes and oryx, snakes and crocodiles, and a variety of fish, birds, and plants. Tourists can also take a day trip to Tsavo East National Park, one of the biggest and most beautiful national parks in Kenya. It features beautiful landforms like the Latta Plateau and the white water rapids called Lugard Falls. Travelers can visit Shimba hills National Reserve, one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, which is home to the African elephant, Sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy tailed mongoose and fruit bats. Visitors can also take a trip to Nguuni Nature sanctuary where they can find oryx, giraffes, elands, and waterbucks. They can also visit the small lakes to enjoy bird watching.


  1. Its Beautiful Beaches

Mombasa has many different beaches, with beautiful white sands, lush greenery, and scenic views of the Indian Ocean. Tourists can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, picnics, diving, spa holidays, deep sea fishing, surfing, boat rides, mangrove walks, yoga, snorkeling, and beach games such as volleyball and football. They can stay at luxurious hotels or resorts with a beautiful oceanside view. Top beaches include Bamburi beach, Nyali beach, Moonshine beach, and Gazi beach.


  1. Its Delicious Food

Mombasa offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy delicious and mouthwatering food. One can enjoy fresh seafood, such as crab, lobster, and countless species of fish. They can also try a number of dishes that are a blend of Arab, European, Indian, and African cuisines, and are flavored with unique and fresh spices. Top restaurants include Tamarind Dhow (a floating restaurant), Forodhani Restaurant, Imani Dhow Restaurant, and Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant!


  1. Its excellent weather

Mombasa is known for its great weather, as it stays sunny and warm throughout the year. Although it gets some rain, these showers are brief and rarely interrupt tourist activities. The tropical weather can offer tourists a wonderful experience.

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