5 Best Cities in Tanzania to Visit this October

July 14, 2021
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Tanzania is known for its diverse wildlife, beautiful islands and stunning sceneries. If you’re in Tanzania, you’re likely to land in one of its famous cities before you get to start your safari. Make the best out of your visit to these cities by exploring all that they have to offer.

Here are 5 best cities in Tanzania that you should check out:


  1. Arusha

On top of the list is the city Arusha located at the base of the volcanic Mt.Meru. Arusha is home to beautiful museums, luxurious hotels, famous restaurants and lots of activities for everyone. Check out the Cultural Heritage Centre and the Old Boma museum. Enjoy delicious coffee at the Arusha Coffee Lodge!

Its proximity to various national tourist hotspots including Lake Manyara NP, Arusha NP and Ngorongoro Crater makes it an ideal city for you to explore before you head on to your safaris.

Arusha National Park is a great place to visit where you can go horse riding, hiking and game viewing. Lake Duluti Forest Reserve and the Materuni waterfall are also both pretty close to the city.


  1. Zanzibar City

Zanzibar is a major holiday destination in Tanzania due to its stunning white sandy beaches and numerous watersports activities like boating, surfing and scuba diving. The soft white sand, the clear blue water with boats and old town houses are characteristic of Zanzibar.

Stone Town is the older part of Zanzibar city and contains beautiful buildings with narrow passages. Make sure you attend the Forodhani Gardens Food Market there to enjoy delicious local street food.


  1. Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s commercial hub and former capital. It’s a port city with many beautiful islands nearby including Bongoyo Island and Mbudya Island. Visit the National Museum and learn more about the history of colonial rule by the Germans and Great Britain.

For the shopaholics, you can visit the Slipway Shopping Center or the Kariakoo Market.


  1. Moshi

Located near the Kenyan border is a town named Moshi. It has many attractions nearby that make it a great spot to visit. The Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee tour is a combination of excitement and relaxation. After that comes Lake Manyara National Park and wildlife safari that just adds pages of adventure to your travel book. Moshi is also known as the gateway to Kilimanjaro National Park, where you can go hiking. Make sure you check out the famous coffee farms here in Moshi as well.




  1. Dodoma

Dodoma is the political capital of Tanzania. It is not as developed as other larger cities in Tanzania like Dar es Salaam, but it has its own glamour. In the 20th century Dodoma became an important point to transport agricultural products to the port. Nyerere Square is a famous point where people come for lunch, meetings, appointments, photo shoots and parties. You can also visit the many historical buildings like Parliament building or the Museum of Earth Science.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tanzania and visit these stunning cities! While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Expert Guide on Selous Game Reserve.

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