25 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

August 7, 2020
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August 7, 2020
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August 7, 2020

Traveling is an exciting hobby that lets you explore wonderful places. In fact, traveling can tell you a lot about your strength and weaknesses and help overcome them. As exciting as it is, you still need to make sure you’re following all safety precautions, especially if you’re exploring a new place!

Here are 25 important travel safety tips everyone should know:


  1. Keep multiple copies of your passport and other important documents inside different bags and have them scanned and saved on your phone too. This way, if you accidentally lose a copy, you’ll have a backup.


  1. Get a sim card as soon as you land. You need to be able to contact people in case of emergencies. Also, research all emergency numbers for the place you’re going to and have them all saved in your phone. These include an ambulance contact number and police contact number.



  1. Take a VISA or Mastercard ATM debit/credit card with you. Master and VISA cards are commonly used around the world so if you’re out of cash, you can use your ATM card.


  1. Get a money belt to safely store your money.



  1. Keep a first-aid kit with you wherever you go!


  1. Get the necessary vaccination shots/booster shots for the area you’re going to. For example, if you’re traveling to East Africa, you should get boosters/vaccination for tetanus, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and rabies.



  1. Make sure you have access to clean, safe drinking water wherever you go. You don’t want to end up with a diarrheal infection!


  1. Keep a hand sanitizer and face mask with you at all times. Also, avoid touching your face to prevent transmission of germs.



  1. Don’t go for a walk alone at night. Hang out in groups!


  1. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in busy streets and shopping areas. If you feel like someone’s touching you or being suspicious, immediately report to the nearby security personnel and move away from the place!


  1. Don’t get too drunk – especially if you’re traveling alone!


  1. Make sure you have mobile data available at all times so that you can access maps on your phone whenever you can’t seem to find your way.


  1. Always keep the door locked when you’re in a car. Also, keep the windows closed.


  1. Keep a pepper spray with you.


  1. If you’re going on a safari, keep a safe distance from wild animals like lions, cheetahs and elephants. Don’t try to be too much of a daredevil and always listen to your guide!


  1. Read up on local laws so that you don’t break any of them!



  1. Use public Wi-Fi carefully to avoid being hacked! If you need to access important data on the internet, use mobile data or a private Wi-Fi connection instead.


  1. Watch out for scams – make sure your taxi meter isn’t “broken” and do your research on common scams at the place you’re visiting so that you can avoid being scammed.


  1. Get travel insurance! It will make your trip easier and stress-free. Research on which travel insurance plans are the best for you or ask your travel agent!


  1. Dress modestly in countries where miniskirts and short clothes aren’t that common!


  1. Avoid eating unhygienic food from street vendors. You might end up getting an upset stomach.


  1. Women are more often subjects of crimes, which is why it’s important for them to take a few extra precautions! Try to go with a male companion to avoid unwanted attention. If that’s not possible, ask your tour organizer to let you go with a group. This way, you’ll make new friends and have more fun on your trip!


  1. Don’t wear flashy jewelry and keep your electronic gadgets safely tucked inside your bag.


  1. If you’re traveling with kids, have them wear some sort of contact jewelry with all your current information in case they get lost!


  1. Learn important phrases in the local language of the place you’re going to. A few phrases you need to learn include:
  • “Help me”
  • “Please tell me the directions to..”
  • “Where is the nearest hospital?”


Keep these tips in mind for a fun and safe traveling experience!

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